11 December 2012


to change from one naturesubstance, form, or condition into another;

This nice lady took some maternity pictures of me
When I was 33 (ish) weeks along
It's weird to post pictures of yourself
I get that
And I feel weird
But there was no way Josh was going to be in the pictures with me
And I want to remember this time
So my baby said we could do it, just the two of us
Plus I want to show you how talented my sister-in-law is
Oh and I think I could have my baby any second

How weird was it?

13 October 2012


 provide what is necessary to accomplish a task or satisfy a need;
 render assistance to;
Spanish for 'help me'

I'm 30+ weeks pregnant
And I have a lot of stuff I need to accomplish 
Before my child comes
I need to make some maternal decisions
Mostly about baby gear
And I've never been a mom before
So I need help

Mom friends? I have some questions 
How come I feel like I need 3 different strollers? 


They all serve different purposes:

Snap and Go allows you to click your car seat right in 
Bob for running (OK fine, light jogging)
And the cute green one for everyday use


I have this swing:

Or one like it...so I don't need a bouncer? 

Oh and I kind of want this....

But will I use it if I have a swing??


How do I decide on one of these carriers? 

Do my car seat and stroller really have to match?
What car seat do you have?
Can I pass on a pack 'n play?
What about those entertainment/jumper things?
And play mats?
Surely I don't need all of these items

Help. Me. Please.

Later we can discuss diaper bags, breast pumps, bottles, and nursing bras.

(you should know that we do have a crib, a cradle, and a changing table--so somehow I have made a few decisions) 

02 August 2012


to discover; perceive; 

I've always known and understood that

People grow people

That's how we all got here

A fact

Something we learn early on in life

 Now I am growing a person

And everyday I find myself speechless

Because people can grow people

How did I just breeze over that before?

Right now, a person is developing inside of me!

He has organs and eyebrows and joints

Can you believe it? 

I can't most of the time

But the pictures I have help me believe it a little more

These are his arms and hands

His face


And for some reason this is my favorite picture...his five toes

I. love. him.

04 July 2012


ecstatic joy or delight;
 joyful ecstasy.

Today is my favorite holiday
And thus, the perfect day to tell all of my friends my favorite news: 


Sixteen weeks today
That's four months for people who are irritated by the week thing
I use to be
Until I was pregnant
Now each week I live through 
Feels more like a year
Maybe I'll start counting in days?


18 June 2012


A temporary disruption of normal circadian rhythm 
 caused by high-speed travel across several time zones
  typically in a jet aircraft,
  resulting in fatigue and varied constitutional symptoms.


Remember me?



I guess it is my fault

The good news is:

I live

And so does my blog

I caught her right on her last breath--

When she was throwing in the towel.

It was touch-and-go there for a while
And I am doing my best to revive her...

Hopefully, with time, I'll be able to nurse her back

And one day she'll be as good as new.

But right now we are both recovering;

My blog from a near-death experience

And me?

 From my first real case of jet-lag.

I'm tired. 

And I have to go grocery shopping.

But it is a new day my friends

I'm happy to be back. 


26 March 2012


the time when the sun crosses the plane of the earth's equator,
 making night and day of approximately equal length all over the earth
  and occurring about March 21 and September 22

The sky
 The temple
The phenomenon of the equinox and Maya architecture 
 The kid who took this picture
 His shadow

It all keeps me coming back to this picture

I think it might be the most fascinating
The most beautiful...
The best picture I've seen 
And it wasn't taken on an expensive camera 
It hasn't been edited
It has no filters
It is just bare and breathtaking 

12 March 2012


Spanish for break: school break, playtime, recreation.

 I enjoy having a week off from school each semester

It helps me recommit myself to my studies

So I like today a lot

But today can be made infinitely better by looking at this picture:



 A picture says a thousand words

Or something like that

Cheers to spring break

Cheers Kate and Cortnie and their little one on the way


07 March 2012


the state or quality of being frank, open,
  and sincere in speech or expression.

Spencer is honest

That is cool

He leaves in two weeks from today

For two years

That is less cool (for me)

Missions are hard

I've never even done one

But my brother has


And now my brother-in-law that I really like

I think missions are great


I believe in them and encourage them

But if I can be candid? 

This sort of sucks


24 February 2012


to cause to be puzzled or bewildered over
 what is not understood or certain; confuse mentally


7:46 AM--

S: Bye. I love you. 

J: I love you too. Oh and Shanae? I put my hand in the toilet during the night.


Being married is funny

Or maybe Josh is what's funny

Either way...


22 February 2012


 unable to distinguish differences 
in pitch in musical sounds when producing or hearing them.

Adele is cool
I know I am very late to join the Adele craze 
But here I am anyway
I like Adele
I think she is super talented
And refreshing
I have her CD
And yeah--I got it WAY after you got your electronic version
Have you seen what book I am reading right now? 
For the first time? 
I get behind sometimes
I have been listening to Adele for a while now
And I finally feel (nay felt) that I could nail some of those high notes
So I told Josh
And he smiled
A little while later he had me pull up Adele on Youtube,
Throw some headphones in,
And rock out
That is just what I did--while he recorded it
I believe this was the first time I saw Josh cry
I don't know if it was from laughter or because I really touched him
But I pretend it was the latter
Once I finished the song (I was prepared for an encore)
Josh sat down next to me and somberly said,
"Shanae we have to watch this now and you aren't going to be happy about it."
I'm not delusional
I know I am terrible
So whatever, I listened to it
And I found out--
I am far past terrible
I have negative musical ability--not just "no musical ability" but negative.
And I started to think...
At church. In primary. I sing so loud (yikes)
To try and encourage my peeps to sing with me
And they never do 
But holy hell now I understand
I am the problem! Not the solution!
I. Am. SO. Sorry. 
I just hope I haven't done any serious, long-term damage to those precious little minds...
The good news is Josh still loves me
And the other little bit you should know is this--
Music teachers use to make me sing, "Doe, a deer..."
And at least two of them said,
"Wow. You might be the first tone-deaf person I've actually met."

08 February 2012


utterly unyielding in attitude or opinion
 in spite of all appeals,urgings, etc.

Do you know what?

I love Utah

Maybe you don't think that is cool?

I'm here to tell you:

Utah is awesome

No matter where I end up living my life 

And raising my family

Utah will always be a special place for me

Because it is beautiful

I feel a desperation to see every inch of it lately

So last weekend 

We dusted off our snowshoes

And went up to Donut Falls

You should go too

(And take me with you)