13 October 2012


 provide what is necessary to accomplish a task or satisfy a need;
 render assistance to;
Spanish for 'help me'

I'm 30+ weeks pregnant
And I have a lot of stuff I need to accomplish 
Before my child comes
I need to make some maternal decisions
Mostly about baby gear
And I've never been a mom before
So I need help

Mom friends? I have some questions 
How come I feel like I need 3 different strollers? 


They all serve different purposes:

Snap and Go allows you to click your car seat right in 
Bob for running (OK fine, light jogging)
And the cute green one for everyday use


I have this swing:

Or one like it...so I don't need a bouncer? 

Oh and I kind of want this....

But will I use it if I have a swing??


How do I decide on one of these carriers? 

Do my car seat and stroller really have to match?
What car seat do you have?
Can I pass on a pack 'n play?
What about those entertainment/jumper things?
And play mats?
Surely I don't need all of these items

Help. Me. Please.

Later we can discuss diaper bags, breast pumps, bottles, and nursing bras.

(you should know that we do have a crib, a cradle, and a changing table--so somehow I have made a few decisions)