26 July 2011


mild and refreshing; soft; soothing

The last four mornings

I have woken up to this:

And I have slept next to Josh right here:

This part

The waking up part

Was calm

And peaceful

And I felt like I should do yoga

But I didn't

Because there was a river to be run

And run it we did

But that is for another post

Right now I just want to remember

The beauty that I relished in

With people that are important to me

Mostly this guy:

The Salmon River is ravishing by itself

Then Josh stood by it

And it became even better somehow


20 July 2011


a person held in great esteem or affection.

For as long as I can remember
Kellie and I have been writing each other
Notes. Emails. Letters. Messages.
And somewhere along the way
We started writing these mini confession type blurbs
Where we write whatever is on our mind
Everything and anything
We share things that are real
We tell the truth
I don't know how or why we started doing this
But I really love it
And I love her
It is her birthday week
And I wanted to write to her
So I am
In our signature style

I wish I wasn't addicted to diet coke. I wish I read more than I do. I wish I could read all day. Really. I hate my cowlicks. My teeth keep moving. I am scared I might have to get braces again. I'd never actually do that, though. I thought once I graduated high school, magically I would never get a zit again. SURPRISE. I was so wrong. Sometimes I fight with Josh. I think it is healthy. I think people who say they never fight with their husbands are liars. Almost every day I have the same primary song stuck in my head. I sing it at work. I know it isn't on tune. Or even close. I don't care. Hiking is important to me. I can't think of a single food that is better than pizza. Pizza is divine. I don't remember the last time I bought a pair of jeans. Or the last time we ate sushi together. I don't like not being able to remember things. I've completely given up all hope that I'll ever be a person who keeps her car clean. It just isn't in the cards for me. Sometimes I'll be alone for hours in complete silence and not even realize it because my mind never fails to find something for me to think about. My most common thought is: I love josh. Weird huh? Weird that I think how I love him. I pride myself on being a fabulous judge of character. But sometimes? I think I might judge wrong. But at least I got it right with you. And josh. Husbands and best friends are good ones to get that right with. I am going to stop here. I love you. The end.

I loved this moment.
(12 going on 21)


Thanks for being 24 on the 24th

It is my favorite number

It looks great on you


19 July 2011


firm and fresh;
 not soft or wilted

The best thing about this time of year

Is the Farley garden

Fresh, homegrown vegetables

I think it is a miracle

A delicious miracle

That we can make food from a tiny little seed

I can't wait for the pumpkins and zucchini


14 July 2011


a consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts;

This guy is kind of
Important to me and Josh
He sort of is the one who linked me to Josh
And Josh to me
That being said...
Tyler wasn't super keen on
The whole Josh and Shanae thing
Which is understandable
His two close friends...getting together?
Worst. Possible. Situation. Ever.

Or so he thought
Until he realized that there couldn't be
A situation that worked more in is favor
We both love him
A lot
And understand him
Josh doesn't have to try to convince
Some other girl that Tyler is cool
(it would take some convincing)
And I don't have to try and explain
To some random guy
That boys and girls can be friends
It worked out really quite perfectly
For all of us

Right now Tyler is in Texas
Which sucks
Because we don't get to see him
Or his really amazing girlfriend
But this picture of him makes things easier
He is wearing a matching sweatpants and sweatshirt!
You don't get more punk rock than that
This pictures secures his spot in my
Fav Five

Tyler. Is. Neat.

12 July 2011


to induce to believe by appealing to reason or understanding;

These two kids have recently

Stolen my heart

And I can't handle it

Sometimes I want some of my own

Only sometimes though

Like after Gideon cuddles me

Or when Liam just...looks at me


For those few minutes

Having kids doesn't seem too stressful

Or too painful

It just seems amazing

I need to focus on the diapers and the sleepless nights

And love my child-free life for a while longer

Because being an aunt is pretty sweet

And it is enough to hold me over for now
(my niece + nephews are incredible)


09 July 2011


a large public procession,
 usually including a marching band and often of a festive nature,
 held in honor of an anniversary, person, event, etc.

We were in the Farmington parade today

For Dr. Farley

(And Tanner Clinic)

Check out my stunning sister-in-laws

(I really like them)

We all had way more fun than we expected

It was a nice surprise

July. Is. Awesome.

05 July 2011


without ever ending;

Before I got married

Thinking about spending

A lifetime with ONE person seemed

Impossible. Painful. Boring.

Never mind forever

I was scared of that word


I couldn't understand why people

Were so eager to become a spouse

It made me sick to my stomach


Usually, I'm right about stuff

So when Josh first came along...I wasn't buying it

He was my friend

I didn't need him in my life

I just liked him there

I started panicking when I realized

How serious my feelings for this tall, punk kid really were

(It made me sick to my stomach)

So whatever

I let him be my boyfriend

I wasn't going to rush into a marriage

I would marry him in five years


If I still liked him

But if you give Josh an inch

He will certainly take a mile

He wanted to be my fiance

Which is funny

Because I am positive he'd never

EVER do that again

So finally I did it

I jumped with both feet into that coldish water

And I understood

You have to get the inevitable over with

The flowers and stuff

The stress

The planning

The scary part of just committing to something

Because afterwards

You get to swim

Or in my case...try not to drown

You get to come home from work and hang out

With your best friend

And you can say, "Hey best friend...Let's play Just Dance"

And he'll say, "Nah. You play and I'll watch"

Which doesn't sound cool

And now that I think of it...It isn't really that cool

But then we kiss and stuff

And that is always cool

I need Josh

And guess what else?

I want him

I made him mine


And now all that thought does to my stomach?

Is make it happy