09 July 2011


a large public procession,
 usually including a marching band and often of a festive nature,
 held in honor of an anniversary, person, event, etc.

We were in the Farmington parade today

For Dr. Farley

(And Tanner Clinic)

Check out my stunning sister-in-laws

(I really like them)

We all had way more fun than we expected

It was a nice surprise

July. Is. Awesome.

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Chris and Brooklyn said...

Sometimes it's hard being an adult.. and your previous post made me cry! So sweet. Remember when we went and got orange-julius during Coach Bachelors health class. You probably don't, but I do cause I was a loser! ha You were so nice to me in High School, I don't know why, but you were! And I appreciate it! Wish I ran into you more!