31 March 2011


evoking or attracting interest, desire, curiosity,
 sympathy, or the like;

7 times out of 10

I'd pick fall/winter weather

Over spring or summer


I would take summer in a heartbeat

I think it is because...

This swimsuit (from here)

Just got delivered to my door

And now?

I am kind of excited for the warmer weather

And that it is going to be

Sixty-five degrees tomorrow

Happy spring


29 March 2011


temporary withdrawal or cessation from
 the usual work or activity.

A few weeks back

Emma, Eva, and Kristi

Invited me to go to Vegas for the weekend

Emma had to play in a soccer tournament

(Four games and zero losses)

And we shopped and ate

Yeah...Mostly we ate

(My kind of trip)

Here are some pictures of our weekend:


Driving up to our hotel

The pool

Our pedicures

I really do


I snuck this picture (obviously) and if you look closely...
You will see that the girl in the middle
 broke her nose
During the first game--she went to the hospital
Got it all taped up
And played in the rest of their games
I bet my weekend was a bit more enjoyable than hers...
Go La Roca!

24 March 2011


appearing or happening at irregular intervals in time;

Sometimes work goes by super slow

And sometimes work sucks

Let's face it

Some days are particularly dreadful

Like this one

But guess what?

Lots of times--on my bad days

 A friend randomly drops by

To say hi

And sometimes they bring me a treat too

I love treats of all kinds

BUT the crazy part is...

They don't even know

That I am having a bad day

See...I have always believed in intuition

But this is like frientuition

And I think it is super awesome

I think friends are super awesome

And so is diet coke


19 March 2011


recognition of the realities or possibilities
 of a situation, event, decision etc.,
 after its occurrence.

It was 11:14 PM when it happened
But let me factor in day light savings
At least give me that--so I can feel a little better
So...It was 12:14 AM
And I was jolted--transported out of a pleasant dreamland
Into a terrible / fiery / hellish reality
I wasn't in my bed
I was in a hotel
I was lucky to have fallen asleep at all
I'm one of those people
Those people who do not sleep well--period
Let alone in hotel rooms
It took me a moment to remember where I was
To orient myself
To realize why I had woken up
There were, If measuring off of volume alone
Forty teenage girls laughing, screaming,
And racing down the hallway
They were staying in a room
That very possibly could have been the one I was once sleeping in
Yes, I was certain that this mob of girls
Had somehow gotten into our room
I checked it out and sure enough
Our extra lock was still in place and secure
Somehow--some impossible way
Emma, Eva, and Kristi didn't wake up
I waited.
Positive it would only take a minute
Until they were wide-eyed and irritated too
But it didn't happen
And I am convinced
That if there were a fire alarm sounding
Above their heads
They wouldn't stir
I was baffled and jealous
I still am frankly
That they could just continue on sleeping...
Enough time had passed that I was fuming
I almost went out in my nightgown
To yell at these young girls.
I had lost my mind (clearly)
I talked myself into just calling the front desk
I spoke with Paula--a very kind woman
Who promised to call security
And get things quieted down immediately
I hung up the phone and sat there
Not feeling satisfied and proud
But feeling sad and sick and maybe even sorry
Because guess what?
I have been one of those loud girls
On the other side of the much-too-thin hotel wall
With my friends
I have gotten in trouble for simply having fun
And I feel sorry.
Sorry for stealing a restful night's sleep from people I don't know
But I am more sorry/sad for ruining
A funny, happy, competitive girls night
That the young girls next door had going on
At 12:14 AM I became a real, lame adult
And I want it back.

16 March 2011


Vigorous action or effort;
endeavor, attempt.

Just Dance 2

Just reinvented my workout regimen

As in: I might actually start sweating on a regular basis 

Play. This. Game.

At least watch people play it...That is pretty cool too



08 March 2011


not paying attention; heedless; negligent

I have a hand mixer
A fabulous one
One that looks like this:

My mom has a hand mixer too
And it is different from mine
Different enough that I feel
Like that can be my excuse
Or explanation for the horrid story below

See, I was at my parents house
Using my mom's hand mixer
Or I guess I was getting ready to use it
And I was putting the little mixer things
In their places
Do those have a name?
You know what I mean
The silver, whisk-like arms that you click into their
designated holes?
I clicked the first one in
Grabbed the second one
And as I was putting it in....
Somehow the mixer turned on
Do you know how bad it hurts to have your
Hand mixed in a hand mixer?
It hurts really really BAD
I was sure I had broken all of my fingers
But do you know what?
I think it hurt my feelings more than it hurt my hand
Why does everything go so wrong for me in the kitchen?
I cut myself
Grate my fingers
burn my hands
spill stuff everywhere
And apparently--
mix my hand in a hand mixer.

But when I am finished...Bruised and bloody
I usually have something tasty
To comfort me while I lick my wounds
Like my latest trifle I made on Saturday:

Yep I spent hours slaving in the kitchen 
All for this little man:

For him and his blessing day
But to be honest, I'd spend hours
Slaving over anything for that guy
Any day.
He. Makes. Me. Happy.
And suddenly my hand doesn't hurt so much anymore...

03 March 2011


Kaley is a special kind of girl.
Shes not like any other.
She's pretty and smart.
She'll appear "hard as nails", but inside she's a real softie.
She will never show that you got to her.
True to her friends, and will not take any crap from anyone.
Shes a great person.
She'll stand up for her friends no matter what,
and will always be there for them.
Likes to have a good time.

I like Urban Dictionary because it defines names of people

And sometimes they actually get it right.

Which is impressive.

Kaley is very smart + pretty

And she does come off "hard as nails"

But if you know her?


She can't fool me.

But what Urban Dictionary forgot to mention is...

Kaley is funny

Super funny

And also--she is a germ freak

Those things need to be included

in her "definition" of sorts

But guess what?

Today is her birthday

and she is 24

Which happens to be my favorite number

And my favorite age so far

So I am pumped that she gets to be 24 with me now

Happy Happy Birthday Kaley

I think you are pretty special