30 November 2010


a difficult problem to be overcome;

Enough time has passed since

 The nerve-wracking events of November 21st

And I think I am ready to talk about it


Josh and I had to speak in Sacrament meeting

As adult speakers, not as youth speakers

I've never done that before

I had to stand up there for 10+ minutes

I don't even remember what happened

Josh wasn't even nervous

I felt so alone

I am not cut out for that type of thing

I embrace the fact that

I will never be comfortable with public speaking


However--I lived to tell about it

And thank heavens for that

Accomplishments such as this are important

And thus, speaking in sacrament made my list

That's right, I have a list

 It is a list of 24 things

That I want to accomplish before I turn 25

Since we were approached on my birthday

By a member of our Bishopric

To speak a month later

It was weighing on my mind

and provoked me to start my list with:

1. Speaking in Sacrament


Be proud of me

Oh and here is my reward for crossing something off my list:

I think the obsession with Salt and Pepper shakers runs in my family.

I am the black ninja

Because I like pepper

and because I am excellent with the ninja star


26 November 2010


feeling or expressing gratitude;

The Farleys have a cool Thanksgiving tradition
That Josh and I will carry on with our own family
Because it is a nice reminder+fun+easy
Here is what they do:
At the beginning of November
They purchase a large piece of butcher paper
On which each person writes down
At least 20 things they are grateful for
And my favorite part:
No one is allowed to make fun of what you write
Here is the one we made this year...

Josh and I didn't know it...but we both wrote down:

Our garage


KSL Classifieds

Weird, huh?

23 November 2010


an experience or disclosure that gives one a
 sudden realization or understanding:

I heard somewhere that people don't watch

 videos if they are longer

than 3 minutes

Guess what?

I do.

And I think you should too

At least this one time

I promise it will be worth it

*I prefer to watch this with the sound muted-maybe it is just me?*

This clip moves me

My heart aches

 and my problems seem trivial

Happy Thanksgiving Week

17 November 2010


greatly loved; dear to the heart.

These beauties came to my front door Monday morning
I love them so much--I want to sleep in them.
Now I swear I'll start shopping for other people.


13 November 2010


an intense infatuation.

I think I have a major crush on this guy...

And guess what?

My husband does too.

Paul Millsap rocks my world

Go. Utah. Go.

12 November 2010


to move one's feet or body, or both, rhythmically in a pattern of steps,
esp. to the accompaniment of music

I firmly believe that
So You Think You Can Dance
Is the best show television has to offer
We get tickets to the tour every year
Every year I have a hard time remembering
Why I pay $70 to go watch people dance live
But once it starts...I am get so happy--I'd pay $70, twice

Here are some pictures of our night...

G-ma. Taylee.

Me. Kellie Kae.

Tay. Jack. Tam.

TeAnna. Domani.

Tamara Lee

Top dancers this season

I think this was Kellie's favorite dance?

I can't wait until next season!



great or eager desire; yearning.

I like to make treats...Okay I love to make treats
Treats are fun, delicious, and relatively easy to pull off
Oh and my husband and his brothers like my treats
(It is always wise to have those three on your side)
For Halloween, I made these little eye balls:

Just another reason why Halloween is better than Thanksgiving
What can I make for Thanksgiving? Pilgrims? Turkeys?
That takes the fun right out of baking
I guess my pumpkin rolls will have to get me through
The next few weeks until I can make
something awesome for Christmas

If you have any good ideas for Thanksgiving baking
Send the information my way


09 November 2010

Star. Birthday.

a person's birthday when they turn the age of their birth date.
Example: 24 on the 24th

My Star Birthday fell on a Sunday
The same Sunday that we had our Primary Program
Those are always awesome
Except when you have to sit on the stand
That makes them a lot less awesome
I got over it pretty quickly because we had 
a "Nothing Bundt Cake" (red velvet, yes) in Sunday School
Then headed to my parents house for dinner

We kinda match...weird.

They totally match...

Jacki told Killian to look cute for the picture--
This is how he does cute
I wish she would have told me to look cute...



I swear I am (pretty much) done
Reliving my Birthday
 Speaking of birthdays...

Happy Birthday Parker Reese Yates

08 November 2010


an especially appealing or appetizing food or dish

Joshua took me to The Roof for my birthday
I hadn't been there in the longest time
But now I remember that I love The Roof
And I want Josh to make up more reasons to take me there

I love food and Josh

Great birthday night for me


05 November 2010


an exceptionally beautiful woman;
also known as Emma Farley.

One of the best parts about being married to Josh is

His sisters are my sisters

Now and forever

One of my sisters, Emma,

Had a Birthday just three days after me

Miss Emma Jane turned 15

on October 27th

and is getting her driving permit soon

Next year at this time Emma will be driving and dating

Which one should we be more worried about


Happy Birthday Emma

We. Love. You.


02 November 2010


possessing the claimed or attributed character, quality, or origin;.
not counterfeit; authentic; real.

Little Josh was right about my Josh

He really is

The Ultimate Ninja Warrior

During my STAR birthday week

I worked a short, four-hour, night shift

Josh was studying when I headed to work

Long before I got home, he left to play basketball

He must have only been alone at home for 2 ish hours

(These facts are pertinent, trust me...)

I walked into our house after work

I knew right away something was different

(I have some Ninja in me too)

I stood in the kitchen and

looked over everything

I couldn't decide what had changed

I spotted an item that was out of place

This item belonged in our pantry and 

wasn't on our counter earlier...

So I opened our pantry

To put the item away

 ...and I found something exceptional

So exceptional--that I had to sit down on the floor

And admire my husband's handiwork

While I was there I tried to figure out how/when he did this:

 To understand the significance of this picture

You need to know that when our home was built

The awesome builders put

Three wire shelves mistakes in our pantry


I can't work with that

I mentioned to Josh--one time, a long time ago

That I wanted him to redo our pantry for my birthday

Did I think he would actually do it?

No way.

I got Ninja-ed

and I love(d) it