26 November 2010


feeling or expressing gratitude;

The Farleys have a cool Thanksgiving tradition
That Josh and I will carry on with our own family
Because it is a nice reminder+fun+easy
Here is what they do:
At the beginning of November
They purchase a large piece of butcher paper
On which each person writes down
At least 20 things they are grateful for
And my favorite part:
No one is allowed to make fun of what you write
Here is the one we made this year...

Josh and I didn't know it...but we both wrote down:

Our garage


KSL Classifieds

Weird, huh?


Brooke and Jonny said...

I may just steal your tradition. I am also thankful for ksl classifieds as well as my garage. Both great inventions. Wanna know an even greater invention? If you like KSL it's called the easy button for craigslist. Come talk to me, it'll change your world

Christee and Austin said...

I am thankful for a neighbor like you who lets me know that my garage is open and the world can see lots of goods that were purchased on Black Friday. I am in debt to you! If there was any doubt before- rest assured. We have a safe neighbohood. Nothing was stolen!

Jenna and Jace said...

KSL classifieds is the best. I am grateful for good friends and Bunco every month. Thanks for starting THAT tradition!