26 August 2010


a feeling of happiness,
 confidence, or well-being

Kaley. Me. Kellie.

This picture is one of my favorites
Bless all three of you

Alec. Me. Liam. Killian. Ryker.
My four (soon to be five) nephews


My really pretty friends

The Grizzly Prospector

Kel. Kay. Tawn. Brooke. Me. Kell. Brit. Tiff. Kate. Halez.

Who made this happen?
I never found out...

Killa and Ryk danced for their lives

Parker is funny.
Really subtle Emily.
Point and laugh.

My mother-in-law is a rockstar.
She can't help it
and why should she?

All the single ladies

Headed to the Armstrong Mansion
My documentation of that day will end here.
You are welcome.



 finely wrought decoration.

We didn't have a reception
because, well...we didn't want one
So we celebrated by having a nice
dinner at Millcreek Inn
With our closest friends and family
 Given the chance--I'd do it that way again

They varied from table to table.

Compliments of Roots

Mayan Miracle Foundation

Wedding + Groom Cake.
From Layers

We can't stress this enough...

Each and every layer was a different flavor
(Each layer was irresistible)

Me. Josh.

Millcreek Inn

I really love ring pictures--particularly this one.

Okay and this one.
They are very photogenic.

I didn't know I was suppose to save my bouquet?
So I threw it away.
Then people told me.
I think that is a little weird--to save a bouquet.
I have pictures...?
I'll save them instead.


24 August 2010


to take or clasp in the arms;
 press to the bosom; hug
to take in with the eye or the mind.

Rachael at Rachael Tyler Photography took
many splendid photos of our big day
I am eager to share said photos
As mentioned, I have many to share
I loved this day...
But mostly I love that it is over
and now I can think back on these exquisite memories


Family. Friends.
 Red. Aqua. Heat. Flowers.
Husband. Wife.

Killian kept asking me,
"Shanae why do you have a fish net on your head?"
I didn't have a good answer.
I still don't.

Ryk. Killa. Tay.

Zak. Me. Blake.
I like you.


My Family.

You know what I mean.
Don't make us sit this far apart...

Emily. Cortnie. Chelsea. Me. Kellie. Kelli. Kaley. Crit.
Brooke. Tiffanie. Kate. Jenna. Mandie.
I have cool friends.

While we paraded around the temple grounds doing
whatever Rachael and Kale told us to do...
I tried to wrap my mind around the fact
that we were married.
Together from that moment on.
I will always treasure these pictures
 that captured the beginning of our forever.



the quality present in a place, thing, or person
that gives intense pleasure
or deep satisfaction to the mind,
 whether arising from sensory manifestations
(as shape, color, sound, etc.),
 a meaningful design or pattern,
 or something else.

 A couple weekends ago Josh and I
(Along with Zak, Emily, Huey
Jacki, Josh, and Sergeant)
hiked up to Cuberant Lake.
Mr. Kevin Guy has been going to this
lake since he was in high school.
I imagine that is why we keep going back.
Because our dad loves it up there
 and because the scenery is simply sublime.
Josh and I are going up one more time before
it gets too cold.

Right, Josh?

I want to live up there.

Josh really likes this little lake we pass on our way to Cuberant.

I have to admit, I like it too.

Cuberant Lake

In preparation for our hike,
Josh and I each picked a bag of trail mix from a fabulous
selection at Target. I chose the tastier of the two.

(Ask Emily)

S'mores Trail Mix


21 August 2010

Shrimp. Boil.

A social event where shrimp is boiled
in a large pot with other foods
 (generally sausage, potatoes, corn, etc)
and then poured out over picnic tables.
Particularly popular in Louisiana.

Josh organized a nice
get together for his dad's birthday.
 Because Duane and Kristi
were married on Duane's birthday,
they rarely celebrate their dad's birthday as a family.

Josh served his mission in Louisiana and Jordan served in Texas--but Jordan spent the last few weeks of his mission in Louisiana.
Together, they were able to pull off a pretty impressive boil...

The huge pot used
 to boil all of the food

They seasoned the food with this:

The food was just the right amount of spicy.

Nothing Bundt Cake flavor: red velvet.

Originally the candles read: "35ish"

This cake was glorious.

Birthday Boy

Me, Josh, and Kristi

The shrimp boil was a success
We plan to have another one soon

Happy Birthday Duane


Happy Anniversary
Kristi and Duane
(August 16th)
Here's to 24 years of marriage