26 August 2010


a feeling of happiness,
 confidence, or well-being

Kaley. Me. Kellie.

This picture is one of my favorites
Bless all three of you

Alec. Me. Liam. Killian. Ryker.
My four (soon to be five) nephews


My really pretty friends

The Grizzly Prospector

Kel. Kay. Tawn. Brooke. Me. Kell. Brit. Tiff. Kate. Halez.

Who made this happen?
I never found out...

Killa and Ryk danced for their lives

Parker is funny.
Really subtle Emily.
Point and laugh.

My mother-in-law is a rockstar.
She can't help it
and why should she?

All the single ladies

Headed to the Armstrong Mansion
My documentation of that day will end here.
You are welcome.



Spencer & Cara said...

So sad I missed it, looks amazing love. Everything came together so perfectly. Love you woman.

KellieKae said...

Because of the book club i have finally created a way to leave comments. Sorry i looked so gross on your wedding day. I love you and i love that you married Josh.

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

You're right about one thing, I am really pretty.


Kate Cinda

Oh and I loved your dress.

Ninja's said...

You aren't going to be allowed to leave comments if you say stupid things. You are beautiful.

You should have been there.

Thank you. You are really pretty. and pretty cool, too.

I love you guys.

Kaley and Jeremy said...

Note to self: never again make that face I did in the first picture. Ever.

I loved everything about your wedding. What a fabulous day. Two months tomorrow--what a milestone. :)