26 August 2010


 finely wrought decoration.

We didn't have a reception
because, well...we didn't want one
So we celebrated by having a nice
dinner at Millcreek Inn
With our closest friends and family
 Given the chance--I'd do it that way again

They varied from table to table.

Compliments of Roots

Mayan Miracle Foundation

Wedding + Groom Cake.
From Layers

We can't stress this enough...

Each and every layer was a different flavor
(Each layer was irresistible)

Me. Josh.

Millcreek Inn

I really love ring pictures--particularly this one.

Okay and this one.
They are very photogenic.

I didn't know I was suppose to save my bouquet?
So I threw it away.
Then people told me.
I think that is a little weird--to save a bouquet.
I have pictures...?
I'll save them instead.


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