16 August 2010


Bad Luck.
An unfortunate accident.

August 3rd, 2010.
Josh turned 23.
He went to work that day.
I had the day off and attempted to put together
a nice dinner for the two of us.

After work, Josh decided that he wanted to workout.
By all means...It was his birthday.
So we met up at my parents house.
We worked out. I went tanning.
Then we headed home.

When we made it to our house,
 Josh and I attempted to lift
his birthday gift out of the bed of our truck.
Birthday gift=grill.

Just then--our Bishopric walked up.
 I had my hair on top of my head.
I hadn't showered.
Was in my workout attire.
I was so sweaty / lotion-y / gross.
But the worst part was yet to come.
We had to invite them inside...

*At this point in the story you must know that
my sisters gave me and josh a kitchen table for our wedding.
They refinished an old wooden table and it looks fabulous.
However, it didn't come with chairs.
So josh and I had been eating in our front room on a blanket.
We do what we have to do.

**You also should know that last year for Josh's birthday
I took him on a picnic.
This year, we wanted to stay in.
So, naturally, I set the picnic up in our front room.

In walks the Bishopric.
Surprise. Surprise.
We had no place to sit.
So we stood, huddled together,
in a small space in our kitchen--around our new grill.
They awkwardly asked
 if they were interrupting something.
Josh had the nerve to say no.



Nope, this is what we do every night in our house.
We get out the picnic stuff
along with the champagne flutes 
and the sparkling cider.
In fact--we leave it out.
We never intend to sit on our couches.
Or have company over. 
We prefer to have a permanent table-setting on our floor.
It is just the way we roll. 

So, I explained that it was Josh's birthday.
With that, they wanted to end our little meeting.
One of the men asked Josh if he could sing to him.
Josh said that wasn't necessary.
We ended our surprise visit with a prayer.
Following the prayer the singer guy said to Josh:
I will sing 'happy birthday' to you in Portuguese.
I was tickled pink.
I needed to go grab my flute of fake champagne.
It seemed fitting.

The rest of us watched as Josh and singer guy
stared intently into each other's eyes.
Josh was mesmerized by the eloquent way
 in which this man sang to him.
It seemed as though, the pair of them would
 share a kiss afterwards.
That moment was truly engrossing.

I loved his birthday more than
 I have loved any birthday before.
Here are a few pictures of his big day...

We like our pajama's. 
See picture at top of our blog...from when he proposed.
Pajama's yet again.
 We love them.
 We love the bouncing souls too.
(Josh. Is. Handsome.)

Compliments of the Sweet Cake
on 2nd North in Kaysville

And yes, I know that August 3rd is no longer
in the range of Fourth of July decor...
But it is my favorite holiday.
So I break the rules.

This really happened...the day before his birthday
I loved it.  


EmandZak said...

ahhhh hahaha...good post, good post. if only the kiss happened. that is funny, i wish i would have been thier.

Tyler said...

I love everything about this post! I am kind of disappointed that I was unable to see josh's enjoyment of the member of your new bishopric's happy birthday serenade! ha ha

Brooke and Jonny said...

Oh my word what a great story

Rachael said...

Haha SO funny!