31 December 2010


of a new kind;
 different from anything seen or known before:

Photo found of flickr

Cheers to you


 to the uncharted


29 December 2010


an object regarded with awe as being the embodiment or habitation of a potent spirit or as having magical potency.

I like books
I love books
And I like reading
Because--it usually involves books
For me, anyway
I am obsessed with books
All sorts of them
Over the past five or so years
I've really grown to like
Coffee table books
What makes a book a coffee table book?
It's simple: Whatever I put on our coffee table
Or on that leather...bench? Seat? at the end of our bed
I only put funny-ish books out
Because I love funny, too
Some of my favorite
Funny coffee table books?
Sure. I'll share them with you...

All of the Post Secret books
(Not always funny, always interesting)

I love this book

And...The newest one that Josh gave me for Christmas is....

And it doesn't disappoint
I read the whole book the night I got it
I must share my favorite funny text with you now

It reads:

My blind date arrived.
 She looks like something
I might draw with my left hand

Whoever wrote this text--needs to be my friend
You are hilarious. I laugh so hard I cry every time I read it.
Thank you, Funny guy.

*PS* Josh-This was my favorite Christmas present. Nice work.

22 December 2010


something that is impressive or extraordinary;
any remarkable occurrence or person

For Christmas this year our family got a person

A baby-person

Which, in my opinion, is the best kind of person

Last night, after HOURS of laboring...

We finally got to meet

Gideon Flannery Randolph

And he was well worth the wait...

Birth time: 9:51pm
Weight: 7 pounds 6 ounces
Length: 21 inches

Kudos to Jacki for birthing the child

But I have to hand it to Josh for putting up with

a pregnant woman for the better part of this year

Congratulations Jacki and Josh

We love you and your new baby


18 December 2010

fa·tigue. ex·haus·tion. 

weariness from bodily or mental exertion.
extreme weakness

Do you know what I think?
I think my sister-in-law TeAnna
Might be a ninja
I've suspected this before
But after living a small part of her life
I am becoming more suspicious
I simply do not know how
She accomplishes everything that she does
She owns and operates a very successful business
She takes care of Killian and Liam
(which I now realize she doesn't get enough credit for)
She takes care of her husband
And he--quite possibly--is worse than Killian + Liam
Her house is always put together
She makes the best desserts
And the cherry on top?
After giving birth--two times
She is still like a size 00
After a little over one week of just
taking care of her two boys
I am ready to tap out
I am tired
Just plain frazzled
So hats off to TeAnnaThe Impeccable Ninja Mom
Who does more than I ever hope to

Here are a few pictures of our week:

Princess K
I have always said Killian is too pretty to be a boy

It doesn't help that his hair is soooo long

I had him get dressed on his own...
Just to make sure he really is a boy
I was relieved when I found him like this

Liam loves Josh

Like really loves him

And love is the only thing
 that got a through the last 8 days

We had a hell of a time with you two...



16 December 2010


the Christmas season;

We have a Christmas tree
It has been up for a few weeks
We did it together
Sort of
Josh put the tree together
 Made sure all the lights were working
Then played on his computer
 While I decorated the tree
And listened to music
That system works for us...

Yes...We finished Christmas shopping early
If only that meant
 we could open them early...

The only ornament Josh noticed on our tree
Easily his favorite

I have two favorites.
 They are both made of felt...
This is one of them

...And this is the other.

Our stockings
 Mine is the green one
Stockings are the best part of
Christmas morning
No question

Only 9 days until Christmas
I'm so excited
Happy Holidays

13 December 2010


to mislead by a false appearance or statement; delude:

These two look really cute huh?

Yep...really really cute.

Guess how adorable our night was last night?

I am going to tell you and I hope it is annoying to read

Because it was beyond annoying to live

Finally got both of the children to bed after a
Fun-filled day of poopy diapers, crying for parents,
 crying for reasons unknown, and trying to get them to eat real food.

1:43 am:
Youngster wakes up BAWLING.
 I give him a bottle. I change his diaper.
 I smile at him...thinking that will make everything better.
Like, "Hey kid..I'm doing my best here...cut me some slack?"

3:02 am:
"Josh...Josh...Josh...I had a bad dream, Josh."
Killian apparently has an imagination that is capable
 of dreaming up terrifying things.
 Usually things involving a coyote.
When he barged into our sanctuary of sleep
 he brought his friend Dakota, one of the dogs, with him and...
she jumped on my face
 I am not lying
This big lab JUMPED on my face--at three in the morning.

4:21 am:
 Liam starts crying again
....but this time Killian wakes up, too...
The dogs run down stairs
 (yes there is another dog, Kenna--she's a lab too)
 and start barking like mad.
I get Liam another bottle
 I don't smile at him this time
 because I am tired and because it doesn't help anyway.
I patted his head though.
 I feel like that was nice of me.
Josh handles Killian--and the dogs.
I feel like that is nice of him.

7:43 am:
I was planning on waking up at 6:50 for work
I must have slept through my alarm
 because when I woke up to Kenna's barks...
it was almost 8am--That's when I have to be at work.

I hurry and leave
Yes. I leave Josh with the kids
He has to get them ready for school and daycare
He has to feed them
And the dogs

The first time I hear from Josh, I can tell he is upset
...extremely upset....
I thought it was because we didn't sleep? But no...
Josh tells me, "Liam crapped his bed.
 Not his diaper, or his pants,
Shanae...He crapped his entire crib."

And that made me laugh.

 I felt bad for Josh.
 Really I did.
 Imagining him cleaning that up...
When I know how much he hates changing diapers
Was just too much for me to handle

So I laugh
I laugh because it is funny
I laugh because I don't know what else to do