03 December 2010

Go. Girl.

Female Urination Device

So I love Amazon.com

I frequently visit the site

And yes, I buy lots of books from them

I think that's all I have ever bought

No. Wait.

I have purchased a Coco-Motion recently

But THAT is all

Which is why I am surprised by their suggestion for me today...

Go Girl:

Product Features

(Taken directly from the site)

*Allows women the convenience of going to the bathroom standing up
*Reusable can be washed with soap and water
*Includes a reusable storage tube with a baggie and tissue
*Made from medical grade silicone that conforms to your body
*Pink tube with lavender Go Girl


Maybe Amazon knows me better than I know myself

Because that seriously might come in handy

While hiking, backpacking, camping, etc.

Thanks Amazon-You have my back



Kaley and Jeremy said...

Don't act like that wasn't on your Christmas list...

Jenna and Jace said...

Wow, never seen that one. I guess it's true that females really are doing more and more things that males are these days.

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

This is so weird and gross yet so brilliant! Seriously, those would really be useful while camping/hiking. My only beef is that they are reusable and not biodegradable. I mean who wants to wash these pee covered things with soap and water after every use?


Rachael said...

They should totally make these biodegradable so you can flush them! I think that'd be genius.