13 December 2010


to mislead by a false appearance or statement; delude:

These two look really cute huh?

Yep...really really cute.

Guess how adorable our night was last night?

I am going to tell you and I hope it is annoying to read

Because it was beyond annoying to live

Finally got both of the children to bed after a
Fun-filled day of poopy diapers, crying for parents,
 crying for reasons unknown, and trying to get them to eat real food.

1:43 am:
Youngster wakes up BAWLING.
 I give him a bottle. I change his diaper.
 I smile at him...thinking that will make everything better.
Like, "Hey kid..I'm doing my best here...cut me some slack?"

3:02 am:
"Josh...Josh...Josh...I had a bad dream, Josh."
Killian apparently has an imagination that is capable
 of dreaming up terrifying things.
 Usually things involving a coyote.
When he barged into our sanctuary of sleep
 he brought his friend Dakota, one of the dogs, with him and...
she jumped on my face
 I am not lying
This big lab JUMPED on my face--at three in the morning.

4:21 am:
 Liam starts crying again
....but this time Killian wakes up, too...
The dogs run down stairs
 (yes there is another dog, Kenna--she's a lab too)
 and start barking like mad.
I get Liam another bottle
 I don't smile at him this time
 because I am tired and because it doesn't help anyway.
I patted his head though.
 I feel like that was nice of me.
Josh handles Killian--and the dogs.
I feel like that is nice of him.

7:43 am:
I was planning on waking up at 6:50 for work
I must have slept through my alarm
 because when I woke up to Kenna's barks...
it was almost 8am--That's when I have to be at work.

I hurry and leave
Yes. I leave Josh with the kids
He has to get them ready for school and daycare
He has to feed them
And the dogs

The first time I hear from Josh, I can tell he is upset
...extremely upset....
I thought it was because we didn't sleep? But no...
Josh tells me, "Liam crapped his bed.
 Not his diaper, or his pants,
Shanae...He crapped his entire crib."

And that made me laugh.

 I felt bad for Josh.
 Really I did.
 Imagining him cleaning that up...
When I know how much he hates changing diapers
Was just too much for me to handle

So I laugh
I laugh because it is funny
I laugh because I don't know what else to do





Rachael said...

Oh goodness gracious I am praying for you two without a doubt! I was about to text you to ask you how your test drive to parenthood was going but now I have no need! Heaven help you!!

KellieKae said...

pa ha ha ha ha ha ha I take it i won't be an aunt for a loooong time? That is really hilarious. You should campaign for a pay raise from the children's parents..

Kaley and Jeremy said...

We should make all teenagers watch a few babies. Forget about sex education, that would be all they need.

Jota and Corter said...

"PRAY. FOR. US." made that entire blog. I am so excited for you two to have kids!! :o)

EmandZak said...

shanae...i can't help but laugh. This is funny shit. literally. ahh you can call me this week. i will help. if your crying. haha love you. peace be with your soul. em

Brooke and Jonny said...

Welcome to Motherhood!!! ha ha actually that sounds like one hell of a night I'm pretty sure we haven't had something that bad thus far. Actually Daxton has slept through the whole night the last 4 nights. I'm telling the world because I'm happy about it.I would blog about it but I don't want to be jinx.

Spencer said...

kharma's a Jo, I heard that he didn't clean it up. You should have knocked on wood after laughing. Love, Spencer.

DUSTIN said...

feaking hilarious