26 September 2011


a soft, strong, waxed or unwaxed thread,
 usually made of nylon,
for drawing between the teeth to remove food particles
 and prevent the buildup of plaque.

When people post gross things on their blogs

Like about baby poop?

I can't handle it

So bail out now if you must

I have recently discovered the importance of flossing

(yes. I am 24)

And have committed to floss everyday

Got it?

That's hard.

Do you floss?

You should

I wish I loved flossing like some people do


This week we are watching Liam and Killian

And last night

Liam pooped dental floss


Not something that looked like it--

But actual dental floss came from his bottom

Josh had to deal with it

Because flossing teeth is pretty much all I can handle

It is absolutely critical to note that:

I use flossers

Not the pull-out-as-much-as-you-please-and-make-your-fingers-turn-purple variety

So this wasn't MY floss in his body



 Explain yourselves!

(no gross picture--don't worry)

19 September 2011


strange or odd from a conventional viewpoint; 
unusually different 

I found this picture the other day

And I couldn't wait to post it on their birthday

I might be a day late

But I had a good excuse

You'll see



You guys are special

12 September 2011

State. Fair.

A Larger version of a county fair often including
 exhibits or competitors that have won in their categories at local county fairs.
Good food.Fun  rides. Games.

Our family use to go to the Fair 

For my sister's birthday 

Every single year

Well I can't even remember the last time we went

So we decided to go

On Adrienne's big day

It was really fun

And we had lots of great food

My favorite is always the corn on the cob


Go to the fair

But stay away from the Gravitron

Jokes aside...

That ride is the work of the devil

I hate it

Opt for Tilt-a-Whirl

And ride it four times

Because it is hilarious and fun and only three tickets

Kids are cool

That pumpkin weighs 696 pounds

Gid is the sweetest baby I have ever met

That is a scorpion on my husband's tongue

He is happy with me
(I swear)

Happy Birthday Ade

Your party was super cool


09 September 2011


any of various related or similar plants or their flowers,
 as the mariposa lily or  the calla lily.

The lily I am talking about

Is Lily Lake

Or one of the three Lily lakes

That are clustered together

Off of the same road in the same area of the Uintas

Three lakes with the same name? 

Only a few miles apart?

Awesome when you are planning to meet at "Lily Lake"

And you don't have cell phone service

Those three lakes tried to ruin our trip

But instead of ruining our trip

They just made a great story

...All of us searching for each other in the dark

Driving from lake to lake

Hoping to eventually run into our other half

And we did (finally)

It was almost midnight

But we were happy 

And cold

And tired

All the girls slept in a tent together

And it was so much fun

(we got in trouble for being too loud of course)

The next day we went on an eight mile hike

Four miles in--it started raining--pouring!

So all of our stuff got soaked

We were soaked

Naturally, we moved our party to the cabin

We had hot showers and hot meals

It felt great

 I am glad I have friends like 

Em, Kaley, and Brooke

Because guess what?

They are all really funny and great campers

Let's do it again


07 September 2011


to make full; put as much as can be held into;
to satisfy fully the hunger of.

Remember the shrimp boil 

From last year at the Farley home?

Well we had one with my family this year

Shrimp boils are so cool

I am glad Josh taught me about them

My family is too

I have a really great family

I'm serious

They are hilarious

And wild 

And I am so glad they are mine