03 September 2011


a member of an American Indian people of Utah and West Colorado

Josh and I went to the opening Utah game

With Zak and Em 


We went through hell to get there:

1. Parking--have you ever tried to park at a Utah game? 

2. Em and I had to go get some tickets reprinted because the scanning 
section was missing...Lines. Heat. Missing the game...

3. The boys parked the car in North Salt Lake I am pretty sure and realized they didn't have their tickets once they got to the gate

4. The boys went back to the car and still couldn't find the tickets

5. Kevin had to donate some cash so they could buy some tickets from a scalper

6. During this whole process our phones worked about 11% of the time.

I think this makes us the best Ute fans in the world

Because we wouldn't accept defeat

Go Utes!


Rachael said...

wow, way to show your devotion!!

Irish Crew said...

Holy SHIT!!! REALLY!! I would have been out!!