30 July 2010


Unknown to others.

There is an app on my phone that
is much like a yellow pad of paper
j discovered this app
long ago
he leaves me secret messages there sometimes
Perhaps when I have been
particularly good
Sometimes I discover these secret love notes
within hours of when they were written
and on Occasion...it takes me weeks
No matter when I find them,
they always make me happier than I was before

Originally, I had some of my favorite
notes typed up and ready to share...
But I realize this would make them
very much NOT secret
So. I will pass on broadcasting his
secret love notes
on my blog.

Instead I will share a secret of mine with you.
It really is no secret.
But rather a secret message to my josh.

I love you. More than everything.
Thanks for being funny. And tall. And nice.
I like all of those things.
Love, me.

It's true. I love and like my husband.
Tell your friends.

27 July 2010


Joshua is a sexy, masculine individual
exuding the most desirable of traits.
 Although Joshua may be timid at first, his genuine and compassionate
charm shine through above all things.
He can be trusted with any secret and will always pull through even when the going gets tough.
His understanding
 and supportive nature can put anyone at ease
 as he is never judgmental
but rather always willing to listen with an open mind. He is the epitome of a true man.

Today marks the beginning of Joshua's birthday week

So my subsequent posts will be about him

You should know that I love him

That I am a lucky girl because I get him forever

and that Sometimes

Forever doesn't even seem long enough...


22 July 2010


a day marking or commemorating
the origin, founding,
or beginning of something

So many of my

important people

are getting older and


this time of year.

I want to celebrate them

in every way that i can and for as long as possible

because not only do I believe in

recognizing and celebrating


I understand the importance of


In fact, I happen to be the biggest supporter

of celebrating birthMONTHs.

Mostly because I believe in

celebrating people who are worthy of praise.


The people who are featured below are

most definitely worthy of all the praise in the world.

(Trust me)

Miss Taylee Blake

My only niece turned 9 on Tuesday

Kellie Kae

My Favorite Friend turns 23 on Saturday

Miss Tawni Henderson will be 23 on the 27th

(Brooke, TAWNI, Critter)

My marriage turns one month

on 08.01.10

Cara Woodbury-Stewart turns 23 on August 2nd

I miss you

Joshua H

My Best Friend will finally be 


 on the 

third of August

Mr. Kevin Guy

My dad will celebrate his birthday on August fifth

Dr. Duane Farley

Last, but not least, My father-in-law

Will celebrate his

24th year of marriage

 along with the day of his birth on

August 16th


 to all of you

who are celebrating a birth- day, week, month

this time of year.

I salute you.

19 July 2010


An environment
security and happiness

Below are some pictures of our house in Akumal, Mexico

I took these pictures on our honeymoon

There are several pictures of the new couch

Mostly because I love it

I left out the pictures of the room Josh and I stayed in

Because it was disastrous...

Behold, the new and lovely couch:

This is the room designated as my parents room.

The caretakers had the words, "I Love"

Spelled out in rose petals

On the bed

It made me laugh

We didn't end up staying in this room

even though it is my favorite...

Off of this bedroom is a new bathroom

that my parents built this year

The room featured below is downstairs

Next to the room we stayed in

For me, this casa is everything a

Mexican home should be




Near the Beach

Our front porch

I love the front doors...

I didn't take pictures of every room in the house

But I did snap this one of the casita

Ladies, can we please go visit this house?

She doesn't like to admit it, but she misses me.

12 July 2010

Hobby. Weakness.

an activity or interest pursued for
pleasure or relaxation.
a self-indulgent liking or special fondness,
as for a particular thing.

Josh and I are contemplating

 becoming full-time


We are really good at the whole gig

Ours ended approximately at

2AM this morning

Our last nine days were spent:

Laying on the beach


Developing a nice tan



And of course,

 what everyone expects...

Akumal, Mexico

We are coming back for you

Don't worry.