29 September 2010


a significant success or noteworthy achievement;
joy over success.

The Flannerys (as well as the Farleys)
Bleed red
We love the U
Gma and Gpa live in St. George
But they never miss a home game

Last week Josh and I
got to attend the home game
along with Jacki and Josh

Big Josh thought he was a BYU fan
But it only took two minutes of him being in our
stadium for the gparents to get him in a U shirt

He now bleeds the correct color
I'm glad we got that all sorted out

Maybe I like this picture best because majority of my face is covered?
Yep, I think that is precisely why I like it...

The score really was 56 to 3
Not even a game...

Josh loves when I take pictures of him
Don't let him fool you
He really loves having his picture taken

Utah is off to a great start--How is BYU doing?


23 September 2010


highly pleasing to the senses,
esp. to taste or smell.

Because you guys asked so nicely--
Here is my cousin Lisa's killer Avocado salsa recipe
Normally, I'd classify this as a "summer dish"
But it is just too good
 to go without in the colder months

2 cans black beans (drained, rinsed)

1 can diced tomatoes (hunts)

2 small fresh tomatoes (diced)

2 bunches green onions

1 bunch cilantro

3 large avocados (diced)

1 red pepper

1 yellow pepper

2 cloves garlic (pressed)

salt to taste

1 small bottle of Catalina dressing--Kraft (I use like 3/4s of the bottle)

Mix together. Serve with tortilla chips.

Don't cut yourself.
*Cara, I bet this even tastes good in Seattle...Try it?


21 September 2010


being exactly that and neither more nor less;
definite or exact in statement.

I couldn't agree more

20 September 2010


together; in combination or partnership;
 in common.

These two celebrated their birthday

on Saturday, September 18th

That's right...

They were born on

the same day (different years)

and they fell in love...


For the rest of their lives

They get to celebrate together

I am very jealous

If I could move Josh's birthday to

October 24th

I would

(in a heartbeat)

I love having Emily as

a sister

(forget the in-law business)

She makes my brother

So happy

I couldn't ask for someone

better for Zak...

Happy birthday Flannery Family

I kind of love you guys

(pictures taken on our 2010 New Years Day cabin trip)

16 September 2010


the ultimate and decisive
 superiority in any battle or contest

Josh went to a concert with his friends

Concerts are cool

Staying home while Josh is gone

Can be cool too

Here is what I did while he was away:

Came home from a long day of work

Had myself a frozen burrito

(I can't seem to get over them)

Got in bed with one goal in mind--

Beat Josh's high score on my tetris game

I played ONE game for over an hour

It was never going to end...

So I was forced to make myself lose

Only after tripling his high score, of course

So, Josh...

...Go ahead and do things without me

Because it is healthy, good, and even cool

Just know, I will use my alone time to

freaking destroy you

Now and forever

  Hugs & Kisses,

The Tetris Ninja

(I am going to have myself a victory bath and a champion cup of tea now)

15 September 2010


To impair the strength of body
To make weak or feeble

You never know how good things are
Until they become drastically worse
Until your world turns upside-down

Things weren't perfect before
Not close to perfect
But you fight anyway
Fight with every fiber of your being
To return to that "normal" state
That place you have grown so accustom to
The state that you now realize
Was closer to perfect
Than you once thought
Than whatever it is you are feeling now

It is times of complete devastation
That I call on a higher power
That I pray and ask God to intervene
Everything becomes so painfully apparent
Things become too real
I am weak and cannot do it alone

He is an actual being
He hears us, loves us
But sometimes...
I can't help but wonder if
the prayers I offer up
get tangled and lost
within other prayers that have
been sent heavenward
If my words evaporate before they
reach His ear
Sometimes I wish my prayers could be
Heard as if I were screaming them through a megaphone
Sometimes life is confusing
When there seems to be one simple, clear solution to a problem
But for some reason I can't have it--
The solution that I have
fought for / worked for / Prayed for

I feel I am suffocating
Misery is slowly enveloping my body
She has made a home here
I am drowning in her waters
She breathes my breath
Each day, she sucks a little more life from me
And while she is playing house in my body
I lay awake--wide eyed
Trying to figure out where
I can find that megaphone
Scared that my "normal" state is being rewritten
and that I won't become the
Person I am supposed to be
Worried that my life will forever be
something ugly
something painful
something debilitating

13 September 2010


 To talk frankly;
mean business

I've talked about doing races in past
I was supposed to do a half marathon this year
Last year I was going to run the breast cancer 5k
But I never actually ran these races
Just talked about running them
Because, well...I am not a runner
Never have been
But now--
That is coming to an end

That's right
I mean business this time
Last week I signed myself
(as well as my sister...for her birthday)
up for a 10K run on Thanksgiving Day

Pretty killer birthday gift eh?
I don't want to do it alone
I can't become a runner
on my own
I need support and friends to do this with me
 I start my training tonight
I would love it if you signed up to run with us

You can register for a 10k, 5k, or a 1k HERE

and feel fine about eating
 that extra plate of delicious food
 on Turkey Day
Like I will

11 September 2010


worthy of notice or attention;
notable; remarkable.

I don't have television
I don't watch Oprah
 But I know as well as any other
that she is about to begin her final season
If I could go to any show of hers...it would for sure be this seasons
episode of Oprah's favorite things
Yes--because I like things
Especially noteworthy things

Unfortunately, I am not Oprah
(I know. Shocking. Sad. and yes...Unfortunate.)

Thus, I can only share and strongly recommend
my favorite things
I believe each good day starts with the products we use
These are the ones I love
If there is something better out there--let me know
However, from my experience these are the BEST products out there

In. The. Shower.

Soap: Irish Spring

I like the name.
I love the smell.
 I am satisfied with the results.
I believe there is nothing better in the soap world.

Body Wash: Dove

This one, the blue, and even the Pro Age are great.
Stay away from the green Dove body wash.

Razor: Venus
You can't go wrong with a Venus razor.
 Unless--you have the vibrating one.
I got sucked in too.
  Razors are not suppose to vibrate.
No...Vibration is for something else entirely...

Shaving Cream: Coochy cream

Not just for the coochy.
 I use this everywhere and it is fabulous.

Shampoo / Conditioner / Complete Hair Care: Enjoy

I SWEAR by everything these people make.
 I have tried three different sets of shampoo and conditioners.
Two of their deep conditioners.
The root lift. Hairspray. Repair spray.
And more.
I am head-over-heels in love with this company.
If you haven't tried this stuff...
You are missing out on something truly amazing.

Face Wash: Image Skincare

Ormedic Balancing Facial Cleanser
Cleanses, Exfoliates, and tones.
This stuff rocks my world.

Up Next: Post. Shower.

07 September 2010


comical in an endearing way;
 imaginatively funny or comical,
 esp in behavior

Remember when I sliced my finger?

I was a baby

I thought it hurt

I thought it was deep and gross

I couldn't even look at it

Well, my nephew Killa showed me up

Big time

Check out what he did last week:


Can you even imagine getting a long, deep cut

along the sensitive underside of your foot?

I can

(I have a really good imagination)

and I don't like it one bit

I got to hang out with him the day after it happened

and guess what?

You wouldn't have known anything was wrong with the kid

He is strong

He is smart

and most of all

He is funny

The first thing he says to me is,

"Shanae, what kind of Josh do you have?"


(He always has tough questions for me)

Finally he helps me out and tells me:

"You have the good Josh. The nice Josh."

I like that answer

That is a pretty accurate assessment from a 3 year old

My Josh is good and nice

Most of the time

Kids pick up on that stuff

02 September 2010


eagerness; enthusiasm

This DVD arrived in the mail today

I simply cannot wait to watch it

Because Kale Fitch does amazing work

I'm (overly) excited



to raise in rank, honor, power,
 character, quality, etc.;
to praise.

Hands down my favorite read so far this  year

I'm so glad Kel suggested I read it

I love books
Right now--I'm especially high on this one