11 September 2010


worthy of notice or attention;
notable; remarkable.

I don't have television
I don't watch Oprah
 But I know as well as any other
that she is about to begin her final season
If I could go to any show of hers...it would for sure be this seasons
episode of Oprah's favorite things
Yes--because I like things
Especially noteworthy things

Unfortunately, I am not Oprah
(I know. Shocking. Sad. and yes...Unfortunate.)

Thus, I can only share and strongly recommend
my favorite things
I believe each good day starts with the products we use
These are the ones I love
If there is something better out there--let me know
However, from my experience these are the BEST products out there

In. The. Shower.

Soap: Irish Spring

I like the name.
I love the smell.
 I am satisfied with the results.
I believe there is nothing better in the soap world.

Body Wash: Dove

This one, the blue, and even the Pro Age are great.
Stay away from the green Dove body wash.

Razor: Venus
You can't go wrong with a Venus razor.
 Unless--you have the vibrating one.
I got sucked in too.
  Razors are not suppose to vibrate.
No...Vibration is for something else entirely...

Shaving Cream: Coochy cream

Not just for the coochy.
 I use this everywhere and it is fabulous.

Shampoo / Conditioner / Complete Hair Care: Enjoy

I SWEAR by everything these people make.
 I have tried three different sets of shampoo and conditioners.
Two of their deep conditioners.
The root lift. Hairspray. Repair spray.
And more.
I am head-over-heels in love with this company.
If you haven't tried this stuff...
You are missing out on something truly amazing.

Face Wash: Image Skincare

Ormedic Balancing Facial Cleanser
Cleanses, Exfoliates, and tones.
This stuff rocks my world.

Up Next: Post. Shower.

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Kaley and Jeremy said...

P.S. I use Irish Spring, too. Not cuz I'm Irish. Or Springy. But cuz it smells good, and I like green.