16 September 2010


the ultimate and decisive
 superiority in any battle or contest

Josh went to a concert with his friends

Concerts are cool

Staying home while Josh is gone

Can be cool too

Here is what I did while he was away:

Came home from a long day of work

Had myself a frozen burrito

(I can't seem to get over them)

Got in bed with one goal in mind--

Beat Josh's high score on my tetris game

I played ONE game for over an hour

It was never going to end...

So I was forced to make myself lose

Only after tripling his high score, of course

So, Josh...

...Go ahead and do things without me

Because it is healthy, good, and even cool

Just know, I will use my alone time to

freaking destroy you

Now and forever

  Hugs & Kisses,

The Tetris Ninja

(I am going to have myself a victory bath and a champion cup of tea now)


Tyler said...

Ha ha Congratulations on your Victory! I bet I know what just went to number one on Josh's priority list..... Dethrone the Tetris Ninja and regain the number one spot on the Tetris high score list. Should provide him hours of entertainment.

Rachael said...

Tyler only says that because I beat his high school on Doodle Jump and so he stayed up extremely late trying to beat me again without victory :) GIRLS RULE

way to go Shanae :)

Ninjas said...

Amen, Rachael. Amen....