27 January 2011


to disturb, vex, or irritate:

Have you ever been told,

"You don't seem like the type to listen to talk radio."

Because (as of twenty minutes ago) I have


Even though I'm not sure what that means exactly

...I think I hate it.

That's all.

22 January 2011


the condition or quality of being true, correct, or exact;
 freedom from error or defect;
 precision or exactness; correctness.

Actual conversation we had this week:

J: I am taking my pants off for the night!
S: Nice. I took mine off the second I walked in the door.
J: I hate jeans. That is why I hardly wear them.
S: I know. They aren't comfortable.
J: They are so hard to drive in. (Yeah I am not sure what this means either)
S: Sweats are definitely better.

And it is true.
Jeans aren't cool.
But sweats are and leggings too.
Leggings are the best thing ever.
Can we please all agree to always let them be in style?
I am not willing to give them up.
Also, if I have to like jeans...I choose skinny jeans.
But have you heard what
Is suppose to take the place of the skinny jean?

Found here

The wide leg-trouser looking pant

And I am a little bit scared about tucking in my shirts

I guess we will see what happens


20 January 2011


a particular and often continual annoyance;
 personal bugbear

You know the type of person I am about to describe
And I am willing to bet they drive you crazy too
These people are soo much better than you
So "in the know"
They want to be "different"
But they are dying to move to places
Where everyone thinks just like them
Where they are all just copies of each other
They love coffee shops
Or hate them.
Because they hate everyone and everything.
But don't worry--they are extremely open minded.
And organic
They wear scarfs--year round
They take ugly clothing and make it cool
by calling it vintage.
They love art, music, and anything you don't.

Here. I found some memes that I feel
Capture the essence of the annoying, emo, hipster

(than rather....I didn't write these)

Found on memegenerator.net

I like people who are genuine, caring, and...actually interesting
People who are themselves--no matter what
Not people who are trying to mold themselves into a "type"
My closest friends are all beautifully different and guess what?
They are my favorite people to talk to/listen to/be around
They don't even have to try

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest

17 January 2011


The mixture of milk and flavoring; warmed + froth.

Last winter the Farley family introduced me
To homemade steamers
I have always loved steamers
Even though I only experienced them
 when I could talk someone into hopping in the car--
usually in the wee hours of the morning,
 to head down to Common Cents
Once we got there, it was a 50/50 chance their machine would
be on and functioning
The steamers would always be more HOT than flavorful
But I never complained
I'd just wait for my taste buds to bounce back
And then I would work on convincing
 someone (Kellie) into giving Common Cents another go

But with the help of the Farleys,
My world transformed
 I was able to count on having a steamer--nightly
And that is precisely how often I treated myself
Until I had polished off each of their flavorings,
Every last steamer cup,
 and milk (on more than one occasion)
I literally brought a gallon of milk to their house because
I felt so awful about my terrible obsession
Of course they never said anything
They have always treated me like family
And so, I guess...I maybe got a little too comfortable

For my birthday a few months back,
Guess what my in-laws gave me?
(along with sickening amounts of other gifts)
That is right.
Steamer stuff.
They also had to restock their supply
I got five bottles of flavoring
And this is fancy, mail-ordered, top-of-the-line flavoring
I don't know if I was more excited or embarrassed
When I opened that gift

But the truth is, we just barely busted out
Our steamer-maker the other night
Here at home
And I remembered the bliss that accompanies
the steaming hot, but now not too hot, flavored milk
And you can put your money on me making
steamers nightly, once again

We tried gingerbread--
It didn't disappoint

hers                    +                     his

Steamers + Home + Husband + The Office + Pajamas


My favorite date night


PS I love winter

11 January 2011


a formal, usually written, acknowledgment
 of guilt by a person accused of a crime.

something bad happened yesterday.
did something awful
truly terrible
and so, i come to my blog to confess
in hopes that once i get it off my chest...i can feel better
because i really want to feel like me again
brace yourself, becasue
here it goes...

yesterday, i.....
....i listened to country music
i know.
really. i do.
this goes against everything i believe in.
but you have to trust me,
it wasn't just any country music--
it was garth brooks
rediscovered him yesterday
and i found out that i know all of the words
to all of his songs
and i danced.
danced and sang to country music.
and the worst part?
i kind of liked it.
so....i can't promise that it won't happen again
don't worry. i still claim (with a fiery conviction)
that i hate country music
there is always one exception to the rule


06 January 2011


radically new or innovative;
outside or beyond established procedure, principles, etc.

Clarisonic Mia™ Sonic Skin Cleansing System


I was given the Clarisonic Mia for Christmas
and I want the world to know
That I am in love...

This device has changed my world
...And my skin
It leaves my skin clearer/tighter/smoother

I thought by washing my face, I was cleaning my skin
But I was mistaken
The Mia came into my life and showed me up
big time
If you don't have one
Put this on your must have list

You can thank me later

Read more about Clarisonic products here

04 January 2011


far apart; far distant in space; situated at some distance away

If you are willing to drive 2 hours in your car

Hop on a snowmobile in freezing temperatures

(I am talking sixteen below zero)

Ride for around 20 minutes, with the bitter wind in your face...

You will find yourself

At the most perfect place to ring in the new year

The cabin

And it will be worth all of your effort

No cell phones, No Internet


 Hot cocoa.Books.Movies.Friends.Sleeping



And that is exactly what we did

Now Josh and I can start off 2011

Fully recharged

The view from our deck--which is buried under four feet of snow

Yes. It really was THAT cold.
And my husband really is 23.
I promise.

I hope/think/pray

 great things are in store for us this year...

I'll keep you updated