11 January 2011


a formal, usually written, acknowledgment
 of guilt by a person accused of a crime.

something bad happened yesterday.
did something awful
truly terrible
and so, i come to my blog to confess
in hopes that once i get it off my chest...i can feel better
because i really want to feel like me again
brace yourself, becasue
here it goes...

yesterday, i.....
....i listened to country music
i know.
really. i do.
this goes against everything i believe in.
but you have to trust me,
it wasn't just any country music--
it was garth brooks
rediscovered him yesterday
and i found out that i know all of the words
to all of his songs
and i danced.
danced and sang to country music.
and the worst part?
i kind of liked it.
so....i can't promise that it won't happen again
don't worry. i still claim (with a fiery conviction)
that i hate country music
there is always one exception to the rule



Kaley and Jeremy said...

I hope to catch you red-handed with your car tuned to country next time I am in it. THAT would be unforgettable.

Sadie Love said...

If you are going to like country music Garth is the one to like. I am going to see him next month in Vegas. He is my favorite artist ever. I am glad you found him!

Irish Crew said...

Invite me next time you are having a country dance party. I am actually quite fond of some country music. Especially Tim McGraw, he is super hot for an older guy. Haha. Love ya T

Chris and Brooklyn said...

I have a confession! I read your blog! I love it! And I looked up the Clarisonic Mia, and now I want one, really bad!!

DUSTIN said...

Tim McGraw(i know. . .not garth brooks, but it is still country), truck, camping at fish lake. those were the good ole' days which i thank you for

Spencer said...

Josh Farley wasn't there.