06 January 2011


radically new or innovative;
outside or beyond established procedure, principles, etc.

Clarisonic Mia™ Sonic Skin Cleansing System


I was given the Clarisonic Mia for Christmas
and I want the world to know
That I am in love...

This device has changed my world
...And my skin
It leaves my skin clearer/tighter/smoother

I thought by washing my face, I was cleaning my skin
But I was mistaken
The Mia came into my life and showed me up
big time
If you don't have one
Put this on your must have list

You can thank me later

Read more about Clarisonic products here


Brooke and Jonny said...

Did you get paid for that post? =)

Irish Crew said...

I love mine too! Your Mom always does well at the gift giving thing.. T

Ninjas said...

I wish I got paid. I share things that I think are awesome with people I think are awesome. You (Brooke) should share with all of us how you got so damn skinny! Not fair that you'd keep that to yourself....

Jenna and Jace said...

Wow, that looks amazing! I might have to get one..... hope you're doing well. XO

Clarisonic said...

We're so happy that you love your Clarisonic Mia. Sounds like you have a sonerific Christmas. Happy New Year to you and your hubby. If you ever have questions you can find us on Twitter @Clarisonic or facebook.com/Clarisonic. Cheers!