22 January 2011


the condition or quality of being true, correct, or exact;
 freedom from error or defect;
 precision or exactness; correctness.

Actual conversation we had this week:

J: I am taking my pants off for the night!
S: Nice. I took mine off the second I walked in the door.
J: I hate jeans. That is why I hardly wear them.
S: I know. They aren't comfortable.
J: They are so hard to drive in. (Yeah I am not sure what this means either)
S: Sweats are definitely better.

And it is true.
Jeans aren't cool.
But sweats are and leggings too.
Leggings are the best thing ever.
Can we please all agree to always let them be in style?
I am not willing to give them up.
Also, if I have to like jeans...I choose skinny jeans.
But have you heard what
Is suppose to take the place of the skinny jean?

Found here

The wide leg-trouser looking pant

And I am a little bit scared about tucking in my shirts

I guess we will see what happens



Rachael said...

The up & coming trend is definitely a good thing for me since I look hideous in skinny jeans! I wish I could pull them off but I was blessed with he-man legs & cankles :)

Jota and Corter said...

I can't pull skinny jeans off, but I will never surrender to tucking my shirt in!

Brooke and Jonny said...

I'm wearing Leggings as we speak. Love them as well

Kaley and Jeremy said...

Oh...I sometimes love a shirt tucked in, but it must be with the absolute right outfit. Must be the prepster in me.

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

These "up-and-coming" jeans are bad news for anyone with stubby legs. They make short legs look even shorter. Down with jeans! Up with sweats!


Chris and Brooklyn said...

I hate jeans and I hate the wide legs!