31 August 2011


Something that is an accessory to a main work or subject;

This is from Etsy

But I found it on Pinterest

And I love it

So. Much.

29 August 2011


an institution for instruction in a particular skill or field.


I become a student


One day--I will graduate

I promise

But I might transfer to every school in the state 

Before I have my degree

So far I have attended Weber and the U

But now...

Yep. I am an Aggie

All online

And guess what?

I'm super excited

(For now)

Happy back to school day

24 August 2011


used as an exclamation to get someone's attention,
 express excitement, greet someone, etc.


I hope I have your attention

You gals.

My friends who came to the last dance party

Guess what?

I've upgraded

I have the Kinect now


I have Dance Central

Which happens to be freaking sweet

So...Can we have another party?

In workout clothes?

With our hair pulled up?

And with water?

Lots. Of. Water.

Let's plan it


22 August 2011


an informal photograph,
especially one taken quickly by a hand-held camera

I have become completely infatuated

With my parents

With their lives

With their stories

I cannot get enough of their photographs

The little snapshots

The frozen moments that I can hold in my hand

And treasure for the rest of my life

I've always loved old photographs

But recently...

love them with more intensity than ever before

I have really exceptional parents

They are pretty cute huh?


17 August 2011


a particular tendency or inclination that prevents
 unprejudiced consideration of a question

This is what my entire "camera roll"

Consists of on my phone

(plus lots of Gideon too)

((okay probably more of Gideon than anything else))

But...Can you blame me?

I didn't know I could love

Sweaty / Overly Energetic / Sticky


This. Much.


I didn't


12 August 2011


 eccentric, erratic, or unpredictable


Killian rocks

So do naps

And his hair

I also enjoy weekends

Hope you have a good one


06 August 2011


to fulfill the desires, expectations, needs, or demands of
(a person, the mind, etc);

Chinese food isn't my favorite

It isn't close to being my favorite

But ending a meal with a fortune?

 Best. Idea. Ever.

A fortune inside of a cookie?

Granted the cookie could be infinitely better

The idea is still flawless

Oh and the cheese won tons don't disappoint either


03 August 2011


to regard with wonder, pleasure, or approval.

Today is Josh's 24th birthday

Remember how I really love 24?

And how I REALLY love Josh?

Days like today are very close to perfect

Mostly because I realize how smart I am

Smart because I chose

 a really strong / brilliant / hilarious husband

That I probably talk about too much

I love him

He makes me happy


01 August 2011


To appear, go, pass, etc., rapidly or suddenly
A sudden surge of sensation

Do you know about my sister?

The one we call Jacki

She is pretty hardcore

When she was only 18 years old

She moved to Riggins, Idaho


To become a guide

On the Salmon River

She guided up there for years

And is a pretty sweet guide today

I think she is strong / smart / adventurous

And I love her guts

I love that she kept us all safe

Even Tom

Who left the boat during a pretty crazy rapid

Jacki. Cranking the oars.

Tom's out-of-boat-experience.

Zak and Em. In the ducky.

great company + fabulous guide + raging river=

Awesome. Trip.