22 August 2011


an informal photograph,
especially one taken quickly by a hand-held camera

I have become completely infatuated

With my parents

With their lives

With their stories

I cannot get enough of their photographs

The little snapshots

The frozen moments that I can hold in my hand

And treasure for the rest of my life

I've always loved old photographs

But recently...

love them with more intensity than ever before

I have really exceptional parents

They are pretty cute huh?



Irish Crew said...

I love these pics!!! It is crazy to think they once were close to our age!! I think ZaK looks like your Dad!!

Kelli K. said...

love this, and love your family.

Rachael said...

I love old photographs too! So fun to see what your parent's looked like when they were younger, they are still just as attractive! ;)

EmandZak said...

Oh my hell. I love these. Zak looks just like Kevin. Its so weird, they make the same faces in some of these pictures. And tam is pretty.

Kaley and Jeremy said...

Your mom is so pretty. Your dad is easy on the eyes, too!

Tyler, Carrie, Bridger, and Calli said...

I thought that was Zak for a minute, Love your parents

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

Nice bod, Kev! Sheesh.