24 June 2010


the feeling of displeasure
or indignation at some act, remark,
 person, place, etc.,
regarded as causing injury or insult.

Hawai'i, I hate you.
Years ago you stole a handful of my closest
Friends for an entire summer.

When I came to visit them,
You tried your damnedest to
drown me with your
deceiving, beautiful, warm waters.
You were unsuccessful.

Next, you tried to scare me away
with your cockroaches.


I have little to no tolerance for
I realized that we weren't meant
for each other.
Thus, I decided to stay away from you.

And I left it at that.

I didn't speak ill about you...
Regardless of our differences.

But now?

I have had enough.

I am getting married in ONE week from
This very day.
You still have my prospective husband
along with his entire family.

You have been awful to me Hawai'i.
Please give me my Josh back.
That's all I ask.
Then we can go our separate ways.
 For good.


I miss him.

17 June 2010


for the past two weeks,
i have resisted my second love...

two weeks from today,
 I will no longer have to resist
my first love.

I am going to marry him so hard.

14 June 2010


a party given for a bestowal of presents of a specific kind, esp. such a party for a prospective
 BRIDE or prospective mother

2 Showers down, 2 more to go

To be honest, I haven't really

loved having these


held in my honor.

Perhaps I just thought it a 

bizarre "tradition"

Different people throw me a party

Invite family, friends, neighbors

Everyone who is invited is

expected to come

bearing gifts

Some of these people I have never met

Have never spoken to

and perhaps never will again

This wasn't sitting right with me


I researched it...The bridal shower, I mean.

Here is some information I found on the


The bridal shower is a custom that came about when a father disapproved of his daughter's
 marriage and refused
to provide a dowry to the couple.
Or when a poor woman's family might
 not have the money to provide a dowry for her.

The shower became the
alternative to the dowry. Supportive villagers (friends, family) would assemble and provide the bride a variety of household items for her new home.

In cases where the father disapproved of the marriage, these gifts would compensate for the dowry and allow her to marry the man of her choice.

Bridal showers were meant to
strengthen the ties between the bride and her friends, provide her moral support, and help her prepare for her marriage.
Gift giving dates from the 1890's.


I am all about:

strengthening relationships

receiving moral support

by way of house-relevant gifts


Marrying the man of my choice.

I look forward to my last two showers with

new eyes.

08 June 2010


To feel eager;
yearn; long

548 hours.

A little less than 23 days.

3 weeks.


03 June 2010


Devoted or given up to
a practice or habit or to something psychologically or physically habit-forming.


Have you ever heard that you are

eight times more

likely to accomplish a goal when you:

1) Write it down


2) Tell other people


Two birds with one stone.

As of today, I am officially off of the DC.