24 February 2011


to stray from the right course or accepted standards;
to make a mistake; be incorrect

If you have seen this before

Don't worry

Because you can enjoy it again

(and again)

I'm not trying to make fun of this reporter

But sometimes things are just funny

And this video is sooo funny

I can't stop watching it

I think it is crazy that our bodies usually

Do what we want to them to do

We see a word,

 We say that word

And it comes out how it should

But I guess not always?

How perfect that this happened

Right when they cut to her

So sad

Yet so funny

22 February 2011


man to whom one is betrothed.

It was a Sunday.
The first time I dared to wear my comfies
To dinner at The Farley home
We had steak and potatoes
One of our favorite meals
After dinner I suggested we play a game
...I remember Duane telling Spencer that
We would not be playing a game
I was confused--but thought maybe Spencer had homework
Josh and I went downstairs to look for board games anyhow.
There is a section of their home that is under construction
They are adding a racquetball court to their basement
Josh suggested we look in the
Unfinished, gigantic room--for board games.
I told him that there was no way
The board games were in that part of the house.
Somehow (even as I write this, I can't imagine or recall how...)
He convinced me that we should go into the racquettball room.
So we moved all of the items that were blocking off the cement room.
There was no heat in this room.
And no lights. No windows.
Naturally, we took a lantern with us.
Once inside, I perched myself atop Josh's feet
Because the floor felt like ice under mine.
And there we were--standing together.
In the dark.
Josh started complimenting me.
Saying all sorts of things that make me blush.
He always does this to me.
And I get uncomfortable.
And this time was no different.
So to tried to lighten the situation...
I squeezed his bum.
I gave it a really good squeeze.
And Josh slipped away from me.
We hadn't turned on the lantern yet...
And I didn't know where Josh had gone.
But soon I saw that Josh was down on one knee.
With my ring.
And my ring was in a box that lit up.
He asked me to marry him...
And he turned on the lantern
That is when I saw the question spray painted on the cement wall
Perfectly spray painted. With hearts.
That is when I realized what was happening
I closed the box and told him I couldn't look at it
I hugged him so tight.
I know I said, "SHUT UP!!!" Way too many times.
Eventually I just sat down.
I simply could not function.
I had designed the ring.
I had already purchased my dress.
I was in love.
The date was set.
But I felt completely and utterly blindsided.
There is no other way to describe it.
I suddenly had to sprint to the restroom.
That happens when someone asks you to be their wife.
Your body freaks out.
I came back and Josh reminded me that I hadn't
Answered the question
The WILL YOU MARRY ME? question.
The. Question.
But of course I would.
I was so excited that I fooled him into thinking
I was good enough for him to spend forever with.

In a room off of the racquettball court, a warmer room,
Josh had set up candles and had my favorite cheesecake
on a plate we made together the week before.
That is when I got the first real look at my ring.
A ring so beautiful I couldn't believe it was really mine.
That I designed it.
That it turned out so well.
That I actually loved the ring soo much--
I was excited to wear it everyday for the rest of my life
I've never owned a piece of jewelry I was so loyal to.

So there I was.
In my pajamas.
With the most breathtaking piece of jewelry that I will ever own, sparkling on my left hand.
And guess what?
It felt exactly like me.

People don't tell you how shocking it is to have someone propose to you.
Even when you know, full well, that it is coming.
It will rock your world.
And your boyfriend will be so nervous.
So nervous.
In those nail-biting moments right before he turns into
Your fiance.

All of this happened one year ago.
And I am so glad that I was able to
Pull myself together enough to say yes
To the most important question I had been asked
Up to that point.

17 February 2011


perhaps; possibly.

Sticking with the theme of love--
I came across this picture
And thought to myself:
He is single...she is single


Maybe it is worth a shot?

Think about it


15 February 2011


a sweetheart selected for a special greeting;
 expressing love or affection

I married a guy who happens to
hate holidays.
All of them.
And it hurts a little
Because I love holidays
All of them.
But sometimes...to make me happy
That guy I married?
He celebrates them with me anyway

And having a Valentine
That I can count on
Year after year?
Might just be the coolest thing
About being married and Valentine's Day

I love the permanent Valentine I selected for myself
And he loves me too.


10 February 2011


very happy or proud; jubilant;
 in high spirits

I never really got over the fact that Little Caesars left Farmington

Not to mention Spanky's

They took everything away from us

But now?

They are starting to actually make up for it

No. We aren't getting either of those places back

But what we are getting is....



08 February 2011


bound for a certain destination,

Once upon a time
boy and a girl fell in love
They fell in love when they were just kids
Little, tiny, young kids
I believe it was real love, too
They liked each other so much that
They dated for a loooong time
From seventh grade
All the way until they became adults
Not real adults, just legal ones
It was only then, after high school,
That for some reason--they stopped dating
I don't know why
But they had a six year hiatus
don't worry.
That's all it was--a break,
Because the world couldn't keep them
apart forever
 So they reconnected and
They went on a date
One. Date.
And decided they should get married
 You read that right
Six years--no contact; One date--wedding plans
The best part is:
No one was shocked
Or really surprised
Simply because it just made sense
After years apart...such a huge decision
seemed to fit comfortably
It was suppose to happen
And I can't tell you how happy
I am that Blake married TeAnna
(And that she married him too)
I am mostly happy because
They belong together
But also because
TeAnna is awesome
And because they make beautiful kids
And because they have an unparalleled love story

February is the month of love
And both of their birthdays are this month
And see, they are in love (still)
And they have lovebirds that just gave birth
So I feel like talking about them

TeAnna and Liam

Zak and Blake

Happy Birthday TeAnna & Happy Birthday Blake

We love you two


05 February 2011


source of pleasure or satisfaction;
enjoyment, comfort.

The pictures below mean the world to me
They were snapped on Joshy's phone
Because Killian loves taking pictures with Josh
And I think Josh likes it too
Killa makes Josh do cool poses
Poses that make me happy
These pictures...
They make me feel better about life
And so, I want you to see them too



Killian is way cool
Also, my husband is rockin'

(I married the right guy--No question)


02 February 2011

un·as·sum·ing. keen.

modest; unpretentious.
characterized by strength and distinctness of perception;
 extremely sensitive or responsive

It's late
Especially for me and my married self
However, I can't sleep and I won't be able to until I tell you something
It is about my mom
Tamara Lee
No. It isn't her birthday....or Mother's Day
Just a Tuesday like any other where I can't stop thinking
About how stunning my mom is
This woman is utterly incapable of being artificial
She masterfully displays grace, tact, and poise
A true, undisputed leading lady
Tamara and I are good friends
We nearly wet our pants--at least once a week
Because we think we are funny
Sometimes we even go snowshoeing together
Or ruin our brand-spanking-new ranger
Or get lost together for hours on four wheeling adventures
And kill car batteries just because we can
But that is not what I am trying to tell you
What I need to tell you is,
Even though it makes me uncomfortable to acknowledge...
I really / truly / completely love this woman
and I couldn't have had a more brave, beautiful, bombshell
guide me through life

You are pretty great

Tamara Lee