05 February 2011


source of pleasure or satisfaction;
enjoyment, comfort.

The pictures below mean the world to me
They were snapped on Joshy's phone
Because Killian loves taking pictures with Josh
And I think Josh likes it too
Killa makes Josh do cool poses
Poses that make me happy
These pictures...
They make me feel better about life
And so, I want you to see them too



Killian is way cool
Also, my husband is rockin'

(I married the right guy--No question)



Kaley and Jeremy said...

Can I have Killian?

Tell TeAnna thanks in advance.



Rachael said...

That's adorable! :)

Irish Crew said...

I love your husband, I love my cute kid!!! These are so freakin' cute!!

Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers said...

Hello...is this thing on? I would like to add a comment...it's to Josh (cobra) really... I had no idea how photogenic you are! These pictures are even better than your engagement pictures...