29 June 2011


sexy, especially having to do with a woman 


Look at this:

She isn't a sister missionary anymore!

Kellie is on the prowl

And the world needs to know

(especially the people in this part of the world)

This is the greatest picture ever

And thus, it has made my entire life

I. Miss. You.

23 June 2011


(of time)
to go by or slip away; flow 

Today, I realized I have been a wife for almost a full year
It has gone by fast
We have already had a year's worth of
Pretending to be responsible adults
And guess what?
After the first year...
Marrying Josh is still
The. Best. Decision. I. Have. EVER. Made.
I am betting it will always be that way.
As long as he keeps making me tea.
And taking out the trash.
Sort of.
These pictures were taken by my friend
In Akumal, Mexico
And they are my favorites

Marriage. Is. Cool.

17 June 2011


having faults or defects;

Sometimes our brand-new basement wall looks like this:

Sometimes--as in more than once

We haven't lived in our home for a year yet

And this is the second time we've had our wall destroyed

Sometimes being a homeowner is cool

And sometimes it really isn't


15 June 2011


a gift, testimonial, compliment, or the like, given as due or in acknowledgment of gratitude or esteem.

Brooke Caldwell Darrohn
You are amazing
And you have amazing ideas
Ideas that I can really appreciate
Because I steal them
Sort of
You tell me about them
Then I try them out
Like The meal exchange plan?
With your mom and sister?
Simply brilliant.
And this recipe is to die for
(I've made it twice in the last week)
I really love you
I think you are funny
And skinny
And delightful
Thanks for being my friend for as long as I can remember


13 June 2011


free from commotion or tumult;
 peaceful; quiet; calm

Sometimes my husband makes me climb straight up a mountain
I mean we blaze our own trail and all
And it sucks
But then we get to the top
And it is quiet
And breathtaking
And beautiful
And I remember I love my husband
And I even like that he makes me do hard things
(But don't tell him I said that)

Cheers to the warmer weather
Cheers to living in this amazing place

I. Love. Utah.


09 June 2011


in the same manner or form;

You can't get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.

--C. S. Lewis


01 June 2011


an attitude of mind, or the circumstances
 of an individual that conduce to such an attitude

Killian: Guys wanna see how fast I can run?
S+J: Of course we do.
(he shows us)
J: Wow. Killian that is pretty fast! But you run like you have a stick up your butt.
Killian: Oh yeah? Well you run like you have ice cream in your hair!