23 June 2011


(of time)
to go by or slip away; flow 

Today, I realized I have been a wife for almost a full year
It has gone by fast
We have already had a year's worth of
Pretending to be responsible adults
And guess what?
After the first year...
Marrying Josh is still
The. Best. Decision. I. Have. EVER. Made.
I am betting it will always be that way.
As long as he keeps making me tea.
And taking out the trash.
Sort of.
These pictures were taken by my friend
In Akumal, Mexico
And they are my favorites

Marriage. Is. Cool.


Rachael said...

I cannot believe it's already been a year since we were in Akumel for these photos! I am glad you still love them :) And congrats at getting through your first year of marriage! And the best part.. is it keeps getting better!

Jota and Corter said...

Marriage. Is. Cool. I couldn't agree more. I am so glad you married Josh.

Irish Crew said...

You guys are so beautiful!! I love you! I am so happy you will always be part of my world! Congrats, Happy Anniversary! XOXOXOX