31 October 2011


the evening of October 31;
 the eve of All Saints' Day

What an awesome day

What a fabulous way to end October

Kids, candy, costumes


I love it all

Happy Halloween

25 October 2011


a long, usually slender piece of tallow or wax
with an embedded wick that is burned to give light.

Josh: Do you know that birthday candles are sold in packs of 24?
 I had to buy 2 packs today!
 From here on out you are at least a 2 pack girl.


That is a small fire blazing in front of me.

Here is to my middle twenties!


(I love birthdays but now I am starting to understand why they aren't that cool for old people)

21 October 2011


. highly valued because of its uncommonness;
 exceptional, extraordinary, singular

My grandpa Leo was a weird guy

Weird in the best way

He was quiet--a man of few words

Tall and slender

And very handsome

My mom always says, "his hair was so black that it looked blue"

Some people thought he was cold

But that's only because they didn't know

About his soft heart

My mom and grandma would leave me with him

While they went shopping

As soon as they left

My grandpa would pick me up and hold me--

He would just rock me and hold me for hours

My mom tells me she knew that when she walked in the front door

I'd be asleep on her dad's chest

And lots of times, he'd be asleep too

Unfortunately, I didn't get to know my grandpa that well

Because I was so little when he passed away

But I know that we would have been great friends

I think I was his favorite

And guess what?

He died on my birthday

Which is a sad thing

But I sort of love it

I don't know why

I am sorry my mom had to lose her dad

But Grandpa Leo loved me so perfectly

He was such a weird, strong, and secretly affectionate guy

And...I guess I feel special in a strange way

 That everyone thinks of me and him on the same day

Maybe it means that, if I try really hard, I can be just like him

And I am willing to try really, really hard

I love my grandpa

And I want the world to know


16 October 2011


to begin to grow; 
shoot forth, as a plant from a seed.

We find delight in the beauty and happiness of children that makes the heart too big for the body.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today, a nine year old girl tapped me on the leg to say,

"I'm so glad you are my teacher."

And it happened

My heart grew

Usually...I hate that

But today I really really liked it

PS: I am super glad I am Megan's teacher too

10 October 2011


the season when ripened crops are gathered.


Turning off the AC

Hanging out with Tay and Ryk

Coloring Halloween pictures

Frankie Edgar 

Celebrating Grandma's birthday

Dinner in a pumpkin

Diet Coke

Homegrown pumpkins



Spray paint




By Ryker

By Taylee

This past weekend was really great

I am ready for the next one


(Today is actually my grandma's birthday so happy happy birthday gma!)

07 October 2011

V neck. 

a neckline V-shaped in front.

Josh hates V necks.
(For boys)
And it might be one of my favorite things about him
I love that he dresses like a boy
Like a REAL, clueless, tasteless boy
But the other day I spied a photo of Josh
Wearing none other than a V neck sweater!
I took a picture of a picture
Because I know a gem when I see one:

At least that adorable little girl is his sister. 
And fine, I think Josh looks cute--V neck and all. 

*What I meant to say in this post was:
My husband is taking two really hard exams today
And I hope he does well
He is really smart
But sometimes he tries to rely on his smarts too much
Instead of studying like he should
Ya know?
But I'm thinking about him 
And I think he is funny
And weird
And good at guitar
...And i hope these things help him get a better score.
The end.


03 October 2011


of the highest quality, excellence, or standing.

October is the best month of the year


And this October started out 

Exceptionally well for me...

On the 1st--after a week of babysitting the beautiful boys--

I came home to this:

I also got a note from a friend via snail-mail 

Do you know how awesome that feels?

Pretty freaking awesome

I had my day made twice

and I can't help but notice that...

I am so right about October being the best

(also my husband and my friends)