21 October 2011


. highly valued because of its uncommonness;
 exceptional, extraordinary, singular

My grandpa Leo was a weird guy

Weird in the best way

He was quiet--a man of few words

Tall and slender

And very handsome

My mom always says, "his hair was so black that it looked blue"

Some people thought he was cold

But that's only because they didn't know

About his soft heart

My mom and grandma would leave me with him

While they went shopping

As soon as they left

My grandpa would pick me up and hold me--

He would just rock me and hold me for hours

My mom tells me she knew that when she walked in the front door

I'd be asleep on her dad's chest

And lots of times, he'd be asleep too

Unfortunately, I didn't get to know my grandpa that well

Because I was so little when he passed away

But I know that we would have been great friends

I think I was his favorite

And guess what?

He died on my birthday

Which is a sad thing

But I sort of love it

I don't know why

I am sorry my mom had to lose her dad

But Grandpa Leo loved me so perfectly

He was such a weird, strong, and secretly affectionate guy

And...I guess I feel special in a strange way

 That everyone thinks of me and him on the same day

Maybe it means that, if I try really hard, I can be just like him

And I am willing to try really, really hard

I love my grandpa

And I want the world to know



Kaley and Jeremy said...

I love this post. And the name Leo. I will also think of your grandpa on your bday. :)

Rachael said...

You've got a way with words, I feel like I know your Grandpa so well now! What a special man :) & a lucky grand daughter

Brooke and Jonny said...

Shad that was a sweet post as in heart felt not awesome well except it was awesome. You get what I'm trying to say. I hope when I pass away people talk about me this way too