31 October 2011


the evening of October 31;
 the eve of All Saints' Day

What an awesome day

What a fabulous way to end October

Kids, candy, costumes


I love it all

Happy Halloween


Kaley and Jeremy said...

I sure do look drunk in that picture of the 3 of us...maybe Brooke spiked the cider!?!

Your costume wins best costume of the night, hands down. Ok you maybe tied with Dax...

I love you. And your blog. :)

Brooke and Jonny said...

I'm sad October is gone. Kaley what you don't know doesn't hurt you...just sayin, maybe I did maybe I didn't.

KellieKae said...

I think Halloween is such a strange holiday but I love how much you love it. And I love you. And I love the hard core make up you did for me. And I love your birthday month. And I love your beautiful pumpkins on your front porch. And I shouldn't be starting so many sentences with and. Okay, I'm done. Love you. Happy Halloween. You need to borrow pictures for a cabin post :)

beerdrinkersandhellraisers said...

Oh my hell. That Nacho Libre costume for sure made my top 10 list for COOLEST COSTUMES EVER! Well done nun lady!