08 November 2011


a small notch, groove, chip, or the like,
 cut into or existing in something.

Last night Josh and I were play-fighting
And I was winning
So while I was ahead
I locked myself in the bathroom
And started a nice, hot shower.
Just before I got in Josh says,
"You know I have a key to this door right?"
He left me no choice
I had to shower with the curtain open
To keep a close watch on the door
I don't like surprise attacks
But while I was watching the door.....
I nicked myself with my razor
A pretty good nick
It is throbbing right now
He never even came in the bathroom
I lost
I bled
I hurt

Josh: 1 Shanae: 0

(to be continued)


Kaley and Jeremy said...

I swear every time Jer and I play-fight I wind up hurt. Every damn time.

You definitely lost this one.

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

Whenever I play-fight with Rosa, I wind up with slobber on my arms and hands, which is a lot like a shower.