21 November 2011


a baked food having a filling of fruit,pudding, etc.,
prepared in a pastry-lined pan or dish and often topped with a pastry crust.

Every Thanksgiving

I make pies

Lots of them

(And pumpkin rolls)

I have been looking around for some new

Pie recipes

Here are some of my contestants:

Apple-Pear Crumble Pie

Found here

Double Layer Pumpkin Cheesecake

found here

Coconut-Key Lime Pie

found here

Chocolate Meringue Pie

found here

Chocolate Chip Pie

found here

Help me decide?



Rachael said...

apple pear & pumpkin cheesecake!

Kelli K. said...

I would like a slice of the coconut key lime please! :)

Kaley and Jeremy said...

The Cheesecake. Fo sho.

Irish Crew said...

Apple pear for me!! You can leave it on my porch if I am not home. :) love you!! Good Luck!!

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

Apple Pear, Coconut Key Lime AND Pumpkin Cheesecake. Holy... now I'm hungry. Will you please take pics of each pie you make?


Jota and Corter said...

Not sure what pied you ended up making, but I stole the recipe of the pumpkin cheesecake one and made it for our Thanksgiving. It was delicious! So, thank you!