24 February 2012


to cause to be puzzled or bewildered over
 what is not understood or certain; confuse mentally


7:46 AM--

S: Bye. I love you. 

J: I love you too. Oh and Shanae? I put my hand in the toilet during the night.


Being married is funny

Or maybe Josh is what's funny

Either way...


22 February 2012


 unable to distinguish differences 
in pitch in musical sounds when producing or hearing them.

Adele is cool
I know I am very late to join the Adele craze 
But here I am anyway
I like Adele
I think she is super talented
And refreshing
I have her CD
And yeah--I got it WAY after you got your electronic version
Have you seen what book I am reading right now? 
For the first time? 
I get behind sometimes
I have been listening to Adele for a while now
And I finally feel (nay felt) that I could nail some of those high notes
So I told Josh
And he smiled
A little while later he had me pull up Adele on Youtube,
Throw some headphones in,
And rock out
That is just what I did--while he recorded it
I believe this was the first time I saw Josh cry
I don't know if it was from laughter or because I really touched him
But I pretend it was the latter
Once I finished the song (I was prepared for an encore)
Josh sat down next to me and somberly said,
"Shanae we have to watch this now and you aren't going to be happy about it."
I'm not delusional
I know I am terrible
So whatever, I listened to it
And I found out--
I am far past terrible
I have negative musical ability--not just "no musical ability" but negative.
And I started to think...
At church. In primary. I sing so loud (yikes)
To try and encourage my peeps to sing with me
And they never do 
But holy hell now I understand
I am the problem! Not the solution!
I. Am. SO. Sorry. 
I just hope I haven't done any serious, long-term damage to those precious little minds...
The good news is Josh still loves me
And the other little bit you should know is this--
Music teachers use to make me sing, "Doe, a deer..."
And at least two of them said,
"Wow. You might be the first tone-deaf person I've actually met."

08 February 2012


utterly unyielding in attitude or opinion
 in spite of all appeals,urgings, etc.

Do you know what?

I love Utah

Maybe you don't think that is cool?

I'm here to tell you:

Utah is awesome

No matter where I end up living my life 

And raising my family

Utah will always be a special place for me

Because it is beautiful

I feel a desperation to see every inch of it lately

So last weekend 

We dusted off our snowshoes

And went up to Donut Falls

You should go too

(And take me with you)