07 October 2011

V neck. 

a neckline V-shaped in front.

Josh hates V necks.
(For boys)
And it might be one of my favorite things about him
I love that he dresses like a boy
Like a REAL, clueless, tasteless boy
But the other day I spied a photo of Josh
Wearing none other than a V neck sweater!
I took a picture of a picture
Because I know a gem when I see one:

At least that adorable little girl is his sister. 
And fine, I think Josh looks cute--V neck and all. 

*What I meant to say in this post was:
My husband is taking two really hard exams today
And I hope he does well
He is really smart
But sometimes he tries to rely on his smarts too much
Instead of studying like he should
Ya know?
But I'm thinking about him 
And I think he is funny
And weird
And good at guitar
...And i hope these things help him get a better score.
The end.


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