24 June 2010


the feeling of displeasure
or indignation at some act, remark,
 person, place, etc.,
regarded as causing injury or insult.

Hawai'i, I hate you.
Years ago you stole a handful of my closest
Friends for an entire summer.

When I came to visit them,
You tried your damnedest to
drown me with your
deceiving, beautiful, warm waters.
You were unsuccessful.

Next, you tried to scare me away
with your cockroaches.


I have little to no tolerance for
I realized that we weren't meant
for each other.
Thus, I decided to stay away from you.

And I left it at that.

I didn't speak ill about you...
Regardless of our differences.

But now?

I have had enough.

I am getting married in ONE week from
This very day.
You still have my prospective husband
along with his entire family.

You have been awful to me Hawai'i.
Please give me my Josh back.
That's all I ask.
Then we can go our separate ways.
 For good.


I miss him.


EmandZak said...

thats cute.....f'in hawaii.

Christee and Austin said...

One week baby! Then you get to marry him hard! Can't wait to be there! I heart you!

Brooke and Jonny said...

Oh how long has he been gone for??? That is the worst! I loved this read though =)

Ninja's said...

He as been gone for far too long Brooke....He left on the 18th and doesn't return til the 26th. I am a baby but I can't handle it!

Rachael said...

Just think about how good you'll feel when you finally see him again! And always remember that feeling throughout you're entire marriage. I cannot believe it's one week away! YAY!

Spencer & Cara said...

Dude I'm in the exact same boat. Husband left to portland for work Monday morning and he doesn't get back till Friday night.... I've been going crazy! Thank goodness for a busy schedule and my doggies! Love you woman.

Kaley and Jeremy said...

One day, years from now, you'll look forward to the day he goes out of town :) jk...