03 June 2010


Devoted or given up to
a practice or habit or to something psychologically or physically habit-forming.


Have you ever heard that you are

eight times more

likely to accomplish a goal when you:

1) Write it down


2) Tell other people


Two birds with one stone.

As of today, I am officially off of the DC.


Jota and Corter said...

mmm hmmm.... You have a soda fountain in your basement. To help you fight the urge, just bring that beauty to my house!

Brooke and Jonny said...

The only thing that got me off of Diet Coke was being pregnant,7 weeks and counting and I'll be right back on it hopefully =) But good luck!

Rachael said...

Me too girl- You guys got me drinking it on our vaca & I hadn't had soda in who even knows how long. I drank it for the last time today because I finally started feeling the effects it was having on my body! YUCK! Wise decision to quit :)

Kaley and Jeremy said...

Yeah right. Don't do it!

(Does this make me a bad influence...?)

Ninja's said...

Thank you--Rachael. Kaley, you hate diet coke. Brooke, are you planning on breast feeding? I hear, and remember I have no experience in the field, that you aren't supposed to drink DC during that fun time of your life either. Cort, don't remind me! Ugh. It is so...available to me...at all times...

kelli knight said...

I couldn't do it. I try sometimes and I always end up relapsing, maybe say no DC until your honeymoon?

Spencer & Cara said...

So... love your banner picture. A-mazing. You guys are sexy bitches.


Christee and Austin said...

You go girl! I was a DC addict, then I read an email about how bad it is for you and I was from then on broken of the addiction. Maybe I should send it to you he he.

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

This is the dumbest idea you've ever had.