31 May 2010


A period of suspension
of work, study, or other activity;
Usually used for rest, recreation, or travel.

Josh and I just returned home after spending
 a lovely week in Mexico. The reason for our trip?

Engagements and groomal pictures.
The whole process was an adventure (to say the least).

Four hours in the Mexico airport

The most rain I have ever seen  

A crocodile next to our house

Three scorpion run-ins

A couple of long wormy things

Waking up at 2 A.M. for hair and make-up

Cold showers

Pyramid climbing

Total Bliss

We were lucky enough to have some pictures taken
 at Chichen Itza, one of the
Seven Wonders of the World.

I will post our professional pictures in a week or so. For now, here are some snap shots of our week:

The group.

Kevin and Tami: The Adventure Professionals.

Josh and Shanae: The future Mr. and Mrs.

Emily: The hair stylist and florist (S-I-L, friend, confidant).

Kellie: The best friend and the snap-shot-shooter.

Rachael and Tyler: The photographers and our newest friends.

Akumal Beach.


Who wouldn't want this forever?

The Other Woman


This little girl

knows what I am talking about.

The Mayan Miracle Foundation.

Santa Rita.

If you don't know what

 I am talking about, stay tuned for future posts. 

The photo shoot.

Who is that girl on the right? DAAAAMN!

This trip was one of my favorites.


Jota and Corter said...

I am incredibly jealous!! I can't wait to see the pictures!

Rachael said...

It was SO much fun! I am so glad you invited us along & it really was quite the adventure! I'm so glad we are friends!

kelli knight said...

So beautiful girl! You really are such a good blogger. :) Remember when we saw a turtle lay eggs in Mexico??

Ninja's said...

Kelli I tell that story every time I am in Mexico! Remember how we got to catch the turtle eggs? Yes ma'am...and you? Were grossed out! Hahaha.

Brooke and Jonny said...

OH man I can tell already that your blog is going to be a highlight of my day each day, which means you better post each day. Capeche? =) Looks like fun, we should plan a couples trip say around April next year...what do you say?

kelli knight said...

hahahahah I know. But you were a rockstar... I just watched.