27 May 2010

Uneasy. Apprehensive.

Not easy in body or mind; uncomfortable; restless; disturbed; perturbed.

Over the course of my Twenty-three years, I have accomplished many things
Milestones, if you will
Perhaps the most significant of these milestones
have happened recently
Graduating high school was a big one for me
Just Kidding
Sort of
Deciding on my future career
My current career as a professional student
Costa Rica
But the most important and pristine is,
without question,
Engagement to My Josh

The date is 07.01.10.
So while I linger on the cusp of marriage, I intend to
start our blog
I am completely unfamiliar with all things computer
I have never been involved with any sort of
"social networking site"
So forgive me, but I am a little nervous
I have been waiting for the right one, the right site
So, with this, my first post
I surrender my virginity


Kaley and Jeremy said...

Hello soon-to-be-Mrs. Ninja! So glad you are blogging now :) Maybe you could take over mine so that it gets updated? Think about it. Love you.

kelli knight said...

You are such a talented writer!! Welcome to the crazy world- and I know you will be a great wife and mom (one day- no honeymoon babies?) I love you and I love that you are blogging...

Spencer & Cara said...

whatever you internet whore. dont lie. you stalk. we all stalk. live it. love it. hahahaha loves my dear. loves. And truly? I wanna cry when I think of 07.01.10. Since you harass me about my blog and updating... i'm holding you to your own expectations. So. Do it. Thanks. XOXO

Jota and Corter said...

I can already tell I am going to LOVE stalking your blog!