08 February 2011


bound for a certain destination,

Once upon a time
boy and a girl fell in love
They fell in love when they were just kids
Little, tiny, young kids
I believe it was real love, too
They liked each other so much that
They dated for a loooong time
From seventh grade
All the way until they became adults
Not real adults, just legal ones
It was only then, after high school,
That for some reason--they stopped dating
I don't know why
But they had a six year hiatus
don't worry.
That's all it was--a break,
Because the world couldn't keep them
apart forever
 So they reconnected and
They went on a date
One. Date.
And decided they should get married
 You read that right
Six years--no contact; One date--wedding plans
The best part is:
No one was shocked
Or really surprised
Simply because it just made sense
After years apart...such a huge decision
seemed to fit comfortably
It was suppose to happen
And I can't tell you how happy
I am that Blake married TeAnna
(And that she married him too)
I am mostly happy because
They belong together
But also because
TeAnna is awesome
And because they make beautiful kids
And because they have an unparalleled love story

February is the month of love
And both of their birthdays are this month
And see, they are in love (still)
And they have lovebirds that just gave birth
So I feel like talking about them

TeAnna and Liam

Zak and Blake

Happy Birthday TeAnna & Happy Birthday Blake

We love you two


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Irish Crew said...

Thanks Shanae, Sometimes your posts make me feel all fuzzy inside. I love you and I am glad that you are my sister. You should really write a book, your writing is so fun to read. Love T and Blake