02 February 2011

un·as·sum·ing. keen.

modest; unpretentious.
characterized by strength and distinctness of perception;
 extremely sensitive or responsive

It's late
Especially for me and my married self
However, I can't sleep and I won't be able to until I tell you something
It is about my mom
Tamara Lee
No. It isn't her birthday....or Mother's Day
Just a Tuesday like any other where I can't stop thinking
About how stunning my mom is
This woman is utterly incapable of being artificial
She masterfully displays grace, tact, and poise
A true, undisputed leading lady
Tamara and I are good friends
We nearly wet our pants--at least once a week
Because we think we are funny
Sometimes we even go snowshoeing together
Or ruin our brand-spanking-new ranger
Or get lost together for hours on four wheeling adventures
And kill car batteries just because we can
But that is not what I am trying to tell you
What I need to tell you is,
Even though it makes me uncomfortable to acknowledge...
I really / truly / completely love this woman
and I couldn't have had a more brave, beautiful, bombshell
guide me through life

You are pretty great

Tamara Lee



EmandZak said...

That's sweet my dear. really sweet. She is a nice lady, i kinda like her too.

Rachael said...

I don't even know her as well as you two, but I think she is definitely all those things! She is a great person!

KellieKae said...

did SHANAE FLANNERY FARLEY just post this? I just shed tears. Not joking. I knew you always felt that way, but to publically proclaim your love and admiration for your mother on the world wide web? Incredible. I am proud to call you my FF. I also think its pretty awesome to have Tam as the mother of SKF. I think she is amazing too and did a pretty sweet job raising my friend Shanae. Thanks for making me cry jerk.

Irish Crew said...

I love your post! I look at your Mother as my second Mom, and I love her just as much. She is a special lady and I too am a lucky girl to have her in my life. XOXO T

Kaley and Jeremy said...

She's kickass. For sure.

Jenna and Jace said...

Wow, I'm so glad you have such a great relationship with your mom. I love my mom so much and love how she is my best friend. Great post!

Spencer said...