07 September 2010


comical in an endearing way;
 imaginatively funny or comical,
 esp in behavior

Remember when I sliced my finger?

I was a baby

I thought it hurt

I thought it was deep and gross

I couldn't even look at it

Well, my nephew Killa showed me up

Big time

Check out what he did last week:


Can you even imagine getting a long, deep cut

along the sensitive underside of your foot?

I can

(I have a really good imagination)

and I don't like it one bit

I got to hang out with him the day after it happened

and guess what?

You wouldn't have known anything was wrong with the kid

He is strong

He is smart

and most of all

He is funny

The first thing he says to me is,

"Shanae, what kind of Josh do you have?"


(He always has tough questions for me)

Finally he helps me out and tells me:

"You have the good Josh. The nice Josh."

I like that answer

That is a pretty accurate assessment from a 3 year old

My Josh is good and nice

Most of the time

Kids pick up on that stuff


Kaley and Jeremy said...

Poor Killian! He is a cool little dude. Love that kid.

Spencer & Cara said...

You do have the good nice Josh! Kids tell the truth... Love you lady. My frequent thought has yet to be diminished... Just sayin.... Wink wink