10 August 2010

Skilled. Talented.

Having a special ability.

Exactly 2 times I have attempted to make dinner
Yes. In over 5 weeks of marriage
That's correct
Exactly 2 times I have cut myself
while slaving away in the kitchen
The cuts are getting progressively worse


I think next time I might go for a full finger
Or a hand
I think I could manage a hand

Luckily my father-in-law is a doctor
He likes blood.
Or at least it doesn't bother him one bit
He fixes my cuts for me
This last one went through my
fingernail so he glued it back together
with some really impressive doctor adhesive
He is a good man. A fabulous Doctor.
But as for me?
I am awful in the kitchen
I don't mean that.
I make some pretty divine desserts.
And Muffins.
I can make muffins that would blow your mind...
I think I can say that I do okay
with beverages as well

But when knives are involved...I am
downright dangerous
To myself and perhaps to others
 I haven't hurt anyone else
But I don't trust myself
And frankly,
 You shouldn't trust me either...


Christee and Austin said...

Shanae! You poor girl! That looks painful! I had to laugh at the 2 dinners in 5 weeks because I've been married 3 months this Saturday and I think I've made dinner twice! Ha Ha! I'm no domestic Diva. If you are going to continue to be a Ninja.. you might want to practice with knives. Ü

Brooke and Jonny said...

OH my word, you need to get some heavy duty gloves to wear while cooking my dear. Ones that are cut proof, fire proof, bullet proof, you name it!!

The Davis' said...

Shanae I can't believe you cut yourself! That would hurt! You should check out a few blogs that I follow for recipes...
we do a freezer meal group once a month and then we post our recipes on this blog,

Check it out!

Ninja's said...

Hey that is an awesome idea--freezer meal group...I really like that! Thank you for the help, I need it! Big time. Haha.

Rachael said...

You poor thing! I cannot believe how bad that cut was!