24 August 2010


the quality present in a place, thing, or person
that gives intense pleasure
or deep satisfaction to the mind,
 whether arising from sensory manifestations
(as shape, color, sound, etc.),
 a meaningful design or pattern,
 or something else.

 A couple weekends ago Josh and I
(Along with Zak, Emily, Huey
Jacki, Josh, and Sergeant)
hiked up to Cuberant Lake.
Mr. Kevin Guy has been going to this
lake since he was in high school.
I imagine that is why we keep going back.
Because our dad loves it up there
 and because the scenery is simply sublime.
Josh and I are going up one more time before
it gets too cold.

Right, Josh?

I want to live up there.

Josh really likes this little lake we pass on our way to Cuberant.

I have to admit, I like it too.

Cuberant Lake

In preparation for our hike,
Josh and I each picked a bag of trail mix from a fabulous
selection at Target. I chose the tastier of the two.

(Ask Emily)

S'mores Trail Mix


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Brooke and Jonny said...

I'd like to go next time you go! Jonny and I are always trying to find a good hike