24 August 2010


to take or clasp in the arms;
 press to the bosom; hug
to take in with the eye or the mind.

Rachael at Rachael Tyler Photography took
many splendid photos of our big day
I am eager to share said photos
As mentioned, I have many to share
I loved this day...
But mostly I love that it is over
and now I can think back on these exquisite memories


Family. Friends.
 Red. Aqua. Heat. Flowers.
Husband. Wife.

Killian kept asking me,
"Shanae why do you have a fish net on your head?"
I didn't have a good answer.
I still don't.

Ryk. Killa. Tay.

Zak. Me. Blake.
I like you.


My Family.

You know what I mean.
Don't make us sit this far apart...

Emily. Cortnie. Chelsea. Me. Kellie. Kelli. Kaley. Crit.
Brooke. Tiffanie. Kate. Jenna. Mandie.
I have cool friends.

While we paraded around the temple grounds doing
whatever Rachael and Kale told us to do...
I tried to wrap my mind around the fact
that we were married.
Together from that moment on.
I will always treasure these pictures
 that captured the beginning of our forever.



Kaley and Jeremy said...

I love it all. It was such a gorgeous day! Everything seemed to go perfect for you two, as it very well should.

kelli knight said...

you are a really good blogger. Your wedding day was so beautiful, you two just seem to fit together so perfectly... so happy for you.

Rachael said...

Your wedding was perfect! I'm so glad I got the opportunity to do your photography and I am so glad we are friends! :)