13 August 2010

Amiga. Hermana.

A person known well to another
 and regarded with liking, affection, and loyalty.
having a close relationship
with another because of
shared interests, problems, or the like

The year was 2008.

Shanae and Mandie Lynn took Costa Rica.

It is true. Costa Rica has never been the same since.
We had an incredible time and became close 
in more than one way.

Stop that you sicko. 

Let me explain.

We lived in a room about the size of a small SUV.
Included in our compact room
was also our bathroom.
No door separated the facility from our sleeping area.
No, nothing, save a curtain to offer a bit of privacy.
We were together every hour of every day for 3 months.
And I mean every hour.

We were friends before Costa Rica, the best of friends even.
But after an experience like ours, we are damn near blood.

One thing that I am certain of,
when you spend 3 months with the same person,
you see their TRUE COLORS.
And, you can trust me on this, Mandie is truly a good soul.
What I discovered about this chica
is: she doesn't have a mean bone in her body.

She likes everyone.

Her insides are prettier than her outsides.

She is happy pretty much all of the time.

Even in the moments just after the alarm goes off... 


Our beautiful view we woke up to every morning

Meet Osvaldo. The Costa Rican Tyler Ballard.

Happy birthday (two days ago)

Sister Friend

May 22 be good to you

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