29 September 2010


a significant success or noteworthy achievement;
joy over success.

The Flannerys (as well as the Farleys)
Bleed red
We love the U
Gma and Gpa live in St. George
But they never miss a home game

Last week Josh and I
got to attend the home game
along with Jacki and Josh

Big Josh thought he was a BYU fan
But it only took two minutes of him being in our
stadium for the gparents to get him in a U shirt

He now bleeds the correct color
I'm glad we got that all sorted out

Maybe I like this picture best because majority of my face is covered?
Yep, I think that is precisely why I like it...

The score really was 56 to 3
Not even a game...

Josh loves when I take pictures of him
Don't let him fool you
He really loves having his picture taken

Utah is off to a great start--How is BYU doing?



Kaley and Jeremy said...

Big Josh is traitor.

Becca and Justin said...

Oh my gosh Shanae Flannery! Where have you been?? I'm so glad you found my blog. I need a major update on your life so I will be totally creeping through all your blog pages. Hope all is well!

Brooke and Jonny said...

Love me some U!!!!